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Teachers Day 2019 : Unique Gift Ideas That You Can Choose For Your Favourite Teacher

By Sharon Thomas
Teachers' Day Special: इस बार टीचर्स डे पर 300 रुपए से भी कम में दें ये ख़ास तोहफा | Boldsky

Teachers are a unique gift given by God to instill good thoughts and actions among mankind. They are the source of inspiration to a huge number of people. The seeds to develop interest in any area one chooses to excel in are sown during childhood. Mostly, it happens even without the knowledge of the child and it take years to realise it.

A caring and loving teacher is usually the person who guides the child to his destiny. For such special people, a day is set apart to celebrate their dedication and hard work, which is Teacher's Day. It is celebrated on the birthday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan in India who was a great teacher himself.

You might be in a fix as to how to show love, respect and gratitude to your teacher. Here are some gifting ideas that you can choose from.


Present A Bouquet

The most simple and a pleasant gift that you can give your teacher is a bunch of flowers. A trip to the florist is not the trend now. Instead, collect some flowers and arrange them on your own. The value for this is definitely on the higher side. If your teacher is a chocolate lover, a bouquet made up of chocolates is a better option. Homemade and artisan chocolates work best for these.


A Book

A book for a bookworm. There is nothing that can replace it. Get to know what type of books your tutor is interested in. Once this is known, there are a variety of options out there. Here are some suggestions - Chicken Soup for the Soul : Teacher Tales, Tuesdays with Morrie, To Sir, with Love, What Teachers Make and there are many more in the line. You just have to spend some time in choosing the right one.


Monogrammed Gifts

Personalised goodies are a good way to reward your teacher. Notepads with the name of the teacher is a very useful tool as they can use it everyday for sending notes about students to parents. Other stuff that can be monogrammed are pen stands, pencils and more.


School Supplies

There is always a never-ending need for school supplies for teachers. You can present a bunch of them in a beautifully decorated basket and even personalise it if needed. You can include pens, pencils, glue sticks, markers, crayons, paper clips, erasers and any other stationery you find useful.


A Pack Of Chalks

The most needed commodity in a class is the chalk. Go for break-free and dust-free chalks which are easily available online. You can opt for the coloured ones and arrange them in a rainbow fashion in a designed cover along with a message.


Autograph Frame

This is the best gift that you can present to your teacher especially if you are meeting him after a long time. A copy of the class photo will definitely bring back sweet old memories. Include the autograph of all the people present in the photo. It is not an easy work to do, but it is worth it.


Bulletin Board And Bookmarks

Teachers require bulletin boards for many things, such as to display rules and some interesting day-to-day news. Bookmarks are a great option too. Personalise them for your mentor or you can even DIY it with a beautiful painting of your her/him.

Most of all give some of your time to your teachers. Give them a helping hand in doing their duties and keep them happy when you are beside them.

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