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They Met At A Sex Change Clinic And Are All Set To Marry

They say love is blind and a transgender couple proved this saying right as they fell in love at a place which was changing their lives forever and this is nothing else but a sex change clinic!

This is a story of a couple who met when they were at a sex change clinic and were discovering their true identity...

The couple had an instant liking towards each other when they met and discussed their life and problems and now there is no turning back.

Check out the unique love story of Sukanyeah Krishna And Aarav Appukuttan...


It Was Love At First Sight For Him…

When Aarav Appukuttan saw Sukanyeah for the first time, the only thought that came to his mind was that he couldn't resist talking to her. Since then there has been no looking back for the couple as they are getting married in a few weeks time!


The Couple Met At A Sex Change Clinic…

Aarav who is 46, was assigned female at birth, while Sukanyeah is just 22, and was assigned as a male. The couple are from Kerala, and they met by chance at a hospital 3 years ago. Around this time neither of them knew they both wanted to get a sex reassignment surgery at that time.


Aarav Revealed...

"Whenever someone would approach me or make fun of me based on my identity, I would just smile. They would always wonder if I was a woman or a man, and I would happily clear their doubt. It's nothing to be ashamed of, my mother taught me that," said Aarav.


While Sukanyeah Revealed It Was Not Easy...

"You know how our society is. The experiences were pretty bad. Just recently I had applied for a job in Bengaluru. I excelled in every test, and got a great feedback. But when the employers saw my Facebook profile and figured I was a transgender person, they rejected my application. They told me the clients wouldn't be comfortable in dealing with someone like me."


Then Destiny Played A Role…

When they met for the first time, and striked a conversation, they knew they had something special as when they booked the second appointment in the hospital on the same date, only to realise that they were already in love.

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