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8 Things To Know About Sasikala Natarajan

Off late, there has been a lot of drama and chaos in the politics of Tamil Nadu. It all started with the death of the most powerful lady Jayalalithaa and how the rest are fighting to get her throne is something worth watching!

Sasikala Natarajan was one of the close associates of Jayalalithaa and was with her through thick and thin. Most people are unaware of Sasikala Natarajan and her powers!

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All thanks to her political appearance, she is all over the place! Anywhere you go, there are people who are always on Google wanting to know more about Sasikala Natarajan!

Here, we present to you some of the lesser known facts about Sasikala Natarajan. Check them out...



There is not much that people have known about Sasikala's childhood and education. She was said to be born in Thiruthuraipoondi in Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu.



She was introduced to Jayalalithaa by the IAS officer-turned-politician VS Chandralekha, whose PRO R. Natarajan was Sasikala's husband.



In 1988, Sasikala Natarajan moved to Jayalalithaa's residence, the 'Poes Garden' along with her husband Natarajan.



When Jayalalithaa became the CM for the first time in 1991, Sasikala Natarajan's family members were accused of amassing wealth through corrupt practices. As a result, this dented Jayalalithaa's image and the AIADMK; and the political team had a defeat.



Apparently, she likes to be called 'Chinnamma', which means a mother's younger sister. This was in reference to her connection to Jayalalithaa, who was popularly called 'Amma', which means mother.

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She was named in the disproportionate assets case that had been slapped by the DMK government against Jayalalithaa and others in the year 1996. In the year 2014, she was convicted along with the others by a special court for this case. Apparently, they were sentenced to four years of jail time and were fined Rs 100 crore. Later, she along with Jayalalithaa were released on bail after spending 21 days in jail.



She was a proxy chief minister who played a major role in appointing officers in key positions. All this was done since Jayalalithaa blindly trusted her and it is believed that she made use of this fact.



With so much of corruption going on now, she is apparently going to serve her term in jail for the next 4 years and would not be eligible to participate in the political field.

Ironically, there are hardly a few of them who are affected by this decision, as the rest of them feel that it is a victory.

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