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Do You Know About This Village, Where The Villagers Fell Asleep?

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Sleeping without being disturbed for hours is something that most of dream of getting every once in a while. But what would happen if you sleep for days together and along with you the entire village would also sleep? Sounds crazy, right?

Though this sounds impossible, it has happened in real, as the people in an entire village are known to have slept for days together!

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This is the story of a Kazakhstan village, located in Kalachi. It was nicknamed the 'Sleepy Hollow' due to the mysterious condition of people sleeping for hours together in this village.

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Residents of this village slept for days together and men had uncontrollable sex cravings. Check out the story of this mysterious village unfold here.


This Is The 'Village Of The Damned'!

This is the village where people sleep for days, mild pensioners swear and men have the urge to have sex the moment they wake up! Generally, people here sleep for 2 days at a stretch and wake up for 12 hours and slip back into the sleep mode again!


Bizarre Hallucinations Occur

Children here started to get hallucinations of their mothers having a third eye on their foreheads or even having an elephant trunk. Though this sounds crazy and funny, it was happening for real!!


Men Walk Around With Erections Here!

This must be a real bizarre scene, where men walk around with erections and crave for sex. All this happens once they wake from their sleep. The constant state of arousal lasts up to a month.


The Mystery Behind This Condition

Carbon monoxide gas has been seeping out of an abandoned uranium mine in Kazakhstan and this has been poisoning the villagers of Kalachi. This has been going on since 3 years and it has already caused enough damage due to which people have suffered in the most bizarre way.


This Is What The Reports Have Claimed

When the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon levels rose in the mine that was disused, the oxygen levels fell in the village and made the people sleep for hours and days together and this is the reason that caused hallucinations and erections as well!


The Village Is Evacuated!

Finally, after finding the exact cause of this state of the villagers, the government later decided to vacate the entire village and help villagers settle in other places where they could stay!

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 16:29 [IST]
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