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Did You Know Potatoes Can Kill You?

We all love French fries, chips and other delicious things that are made of potatoes. However, would you believe that potatoes can even be harmful to you? It can even kill a person. Yes!! It might sound highly shocking, but this is what we found.

Potatoes have always been a subject of debate whether it is considered healthy or not!

A case about people dying due to the toxic gases released by the potatoes has shocked the world!

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Check out as to what happened to a family that had been storing potatoes in their basement and they never knew it could be toxic for them. It is shocking to know that the reason for their death was nothing but because of a potato.

Read on to know more.


How It All Began?

A young father had gone to the basement to get some potatoes for the meal, he never returned! The mother went to the basement to check on her husband, as he took quite some time and even she didn't return!


One After Another, All The Family Members Went To The Basement

One after another, all the family members went to the basement to look for their missing members and the strangest part was none of them came back!


Even The Grandmother Went Down!

Poor grandmother was all worried and she informed their neighbour about how her family members were not returning. Unfortunately, she did not wait for long before she went down and succumbed to the poisonous gas as well! Hence, the entire family was wiped out!


What Was The Cause Of This Tragedy?

Potatoes contain a compound known as "glycoalkaloids". This chemical compound can make the potatoes turn toxic, especially when they are stored for a long time.


Reports Claim That

Studies have shown that even if you breathe the air in a room where rotten potatoes have been stored, a person can die!! This is the same compound that is also found in some nightshade plants and hence keeping such plants inside closed areas is not advisable.

This is something that does not happen often, but one needs to be very cautious about it, as the consequences are scary. Kindly do share this piece of knowledge with your loved ones. You could help save a life.

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