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Desperate Attempt Of Sasikala To Be Jaya

Getting dirty in politics is something that most people do. There is hardly any politician who has his/her hands clean and Sasikala is a woman who proves us that how hungry a person can get with power!

Sasikala Natarajan who was a very close associate of Jayalalithaa, the former CM of Tamil Nadu, made herself a clone of Jayalalithaa.

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She did imitate the late politician in every single way, which made her look real desperate for the power and fame.

Here are the images which show us of how Sasikala imitated Jayalalithaa and wanted all the attention on her as well...



Back then, both the best friends dressed like twins - in red silk sarees with matching gold and diamond jewellery.



The sign that both these women are showing in the picture is not the sign of victory, but the sign of the political party.



Oh damn, look at her posture, as she is trying real hard to imitate Jayalalithaa even in her mannerisms! PS: also check the saree colour!



We're sure it would have taken years for her to learn the complete way of imitating Jayalalithaa, as she again tried to fool people by greeting them, just the way Jayalalithaa did!



Holy Lord! This woman takes the meaning of obsession to another level! Check out her studs, she did not even spare this look of Jayalalithaa!



Yeah, how could one forget about the positioning of the ring on her finger? All these were desperate attempts to fool the people for sure!

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Jayalalithaa flaunting a bindi of this particular design is understandable, but what's with Sasikala, she is not even a Brahmin!



Amidst all this, how could we forget the wrist watch? We're glad, the dial was not the same as the rest of it!



This is a picture of how Sasikala was earlier where she did not pay any attention to her greys and did not bother about grooming herself and suddenly started looking young (thanks to her hair colour!). All this was done to have an impact on the people of Tamil Nadu.

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