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Sad Story Of Conjoined Twins Who Were Used For Medical Experiments

We read a lot of stories of some of the most bizarre things around in the world. But this is a special story which will make you rush through many emotions in a single shot!

It is about a pair of conjoined twin sisters who were believed to have lived for the longest time.

The struggles they went through as kids and the harsh experiments that they underwent in the name of science experiments will make us only realize that the world does not deserve the right kind of humans when there's so much cruelty that's filled.

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This article is all about the twins named, "Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyopova" who lived for 53 years!

Read on to know more about the painful life of these conjoined twins.


They Were Declared Dead At Birth!

When the conjoined twins were born, the doctors told their mum that the babies had died. They were subjected to a variety of cruel medical 'experiments' by medical authorities, as the girls shared a blood system but they apparently had separate nervous systems - so were seen as ideal subjects for research.

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They Were Used For Experiments…

The twins were treated as medical guinea pigs, as their tender bodies were burnt, frozen, starved, electrocuted and even kept forcibly awake while they were injected with radioactive and other toxic substances in the name of 'science'!

The Experiments Included…

The experiments tried on the twins were inhuman ones. In one of the experiments, one of the twins was poked with needles to assess the other for reactions and in another, one of the girls was submerged into a tub of icy water to check the other's body temperature.

The Impact Of Experiments...

The severeness of the experiments made a huge impact on the girls' lives. One twin named "Masha" turned into a cruel, domineering 'psychopath' who was 'emotionally abusive' to her caring, empath sister "Dasha" who remained gentle and kind; and longed for a normal life.

Masha Refused Surgery While Dasha Wanted It…

Masha being the psychopath denied Dasha everything that she ever longed for - a chance of love, a relationship with their mother, or even a job... Everything that she longed was denied by the evil twin.

Dasha Longed For A Normal Life...

Dasha longed for a normal life and had fallen deeply in love with a boy - but Masha denied them a chance of happiness. The guy with whom Dasha was in love also tried to convince Masha to get her on side but she was possessive and completely denied the surgery.

Dasha Even Wished To Work!

Dasha badly wanted to live a normal life by getting a job where she tried a job putting rubber bulbs on pipettes - but Masha was not interested in changing her life and would smoke and read magazines.

Masha Eventually Died…

On a fine day, Masha died due to a cardiac arrest and Dasha being the kind woman, decided to never let go of her sister and waited to die 17 hours later after Masha died. Doctors revealed that the blood poisoning from the toxic by-products of Masha's decomposing body were enough to kill Dasha.

They Loved Each Other Very Much…

Despite the toxic dynamic, at the end of the day, they had been through a lot together and they had each other. They clearly loved each other deeply. And Dasha deciding not to get operated proved her loyalty and love for her conjoined twin.

What is your take on this story? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Friday, August 11, 2017, 22:29 [IST]
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