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Independence Day 2019: Things That You Can Do To Make India Proud Again

By Pooja Kaushal

What does Independence Day mean to you? How many of us have ever tried answering this question?

India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day this year, in 2019 and yet we are not close to anywhere from being developed.

While 15th August is a special day for Indians, still a major portion of our country is still drowning under poverty; corruption is a major cause of concern; measures to fight floods and droughts are not yet up to date; and education is a privilege in many parts of the country.

Independence would be enjoyed in true terms if India could drive these villains out of the country.

We make resolutions every year to bring about improvements in our lives. On this 73rd Independence Day, let us make similar resolutions to make India a better place.

Every major change begins with a small step. A small step taken by all of us can take our country to new heights.

There are things that you can do this Independence Day, which can be the starting point of that big change, which we've all been dreaming of. So, have a look.


Educate Someone:

Education can bring about positive changes in a person's life and eventually in the country. This Independence Day, take up the responsibility to educate an underprivileged child. You could do this through a number of NGOs that are working in this direction.


Initiate A Cleanliness Drive:

All of us complain when we see garbage around us. Walking on the streets becomes a pain because of the dirt and filth everywhere. It is time we stopped complaining and started acting. First and foremost, we must educate our children not to litter. Family is the first school a child goes to. We ourselves must take initiatives like placing dustbins around our society premises and making use of them. It is only when we consciously make an effort that changes start to show.


Plant Trees:

The green patches in our country are diminishing at a very fast rate. We all know how important plants and trees are for man's survival. To ensure a healthy and clean atmosphere, we can all plant a tree each in our surroundings. Even if every family plants one tree, it will be a big contribution to the betterment of the environment.


Sponsor A Meal For An Orphanage:

We may be enjoying wholesome meals every day, but a large part of our population is not so privileged. Make a resolution this Independence Day to sponsor a meal for the needy. An orphanage would be a good place to start.


Donate Education Material:

One reason why many children cannot go to school is because books and stationary are not affordable. Helping such children will help solve their problem and ensure they get to learn and study like all of us.


Donate Materials For The Needy:

A nation is happy only when all citizens are happy. If we want to take our nation forward, we need to take efforts towards this end. There are many people in need of clothes, medicines, medical supplies, etc. Approaching an old-age home, an orphanage or an NGO will also bring us face to face with the many problems that people are facing. Accordingly we can help in the area required.


Help Farmers:

India is an agricultural country. It is however a shame that many farmers commit suicide because of their poor living conditions. We need to realise the importance of farmers in this nation. These are the people who live in poverty but grow the food we consume in our luxurious homes. This Independence Day, try to get in touch with the farmers and know their needs. You may be able to help in ways more than one.


Concentrate On Developing Villages As Well:

The true joys of an Independence Day will be felt only when the entire nation celebrates it together. Celebrating an Independence Day in cities with villages trying to meet the basic needs of survival is hollow and meaningless. We need to realise our duties towards the nation and make it a better place to live in and not just concentrate on cities and towns, but villages too.

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