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Things Indians Need To Adopt From Japan

Japan is a country that has outlived the world's expectations. It is a nation that has proved every single time that they are ready to overcome the natural calamities that strike them every now and then.

There are so many calamities that happen in this nation, and yet nothing stops them from achieving their goals.

There is a lot that we Indians need to learn from the Japanese. From punctuality of even seconds to overcoming massive earthquakes, Japanese have proved that they are the best in managing the country's situation in such a better way.

Check out the list of things that Indians need to adopt from Japan...

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School Foundation Is Important!

Did you know that children in Japan do not have any exams in schools until they're in the 4th grade? The students are taught to respect elders and develop a good character during the first three years. Compassion and generosity are the tests they give in these years. Isn't it cool?

Health Factor!

If you see a Japanese wear a surgical mask, then the person is not trying to protect himself from the pollution instead he is sick and does not wish the virus to spread across. Whao! This is something the entire world needs to learn from.

Politeness Is At Peak!

When a person has lost his way in Japan, then they would not be guided by directions through hands. Instead, they would draw a map and guide them.

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Spirituality At Its Peak!

Though Japan has advanced technology, the people there are really connected to mother nature. They are all spiritual and they spend a lot of time in the shrines. This keeps them grounded.

Your Things Are Yours Only

Kids here in Japan are taught to respect other's property. Theft and pickpocketing are nearly non-existent in this country. Yes, this is one thing we need to learn and teach our younger generations.

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