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7 Parts Of The Body You Should Never Touch With Your Fingers

The very second we feel itchy, all we do is scratch ourselves. This is something spontaneous that happens without our knowledge. We touch our body parts with our hands and nails especially. But, do you know that you need to avoid using your fingers to touch some of the body parts?

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Here, in this article, we are about to share details on some of the body parts that should not be touched with nails or even fingers. This is really important, as we end up fidgeting with the skin, which can cause scars and other unwanted skin problems.

Find out about the 7 different parts of the body that you should never touch with your fingers. We're sure you would agree to some of the points, while a few can make you think why not; and this article is about to guide you.

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Check out the list...


Inside The Ear

Make sure you never stick your fingers or anything else in your ears, as by doing this you can increase the risk of tearing the thin skin that lines the ear canal. This can lead to a nasty ear infection as well.



We all have heard this multiple times that we are not supposed to touch our face with our hands, especially with our fingers. The germs from our fingers can clog the pores and can lead to a breakout on the sensitive skin on face.



Even if you've got an itchy butt, it is better you keep your hands off, as it can contain some of the most harmful bacteria, even if you have washed it thoroughly.



By using your hands and fingers to rub your eyes, it can only lead to various eye infections. These germs can cause conjunctivitis and styes. So, make sure you avoid touching them often.



Most of the times when people are bored, they tend to put their fingers in their mouths or near their lips. But, do you know that one-third of the germs can get transferred into the mouth via fingers? Well, it does.


Inside Your Nose!

Picking on nose is something that most of us do and yet hate this disgusting habit. Researchers have proved that about 51 per cent of the pickers are more likely to carry the Staphylococcus bacteria in their nasal passages when compared to people who don't!


Under Your Nails

This is the most filthiest part of our body. There are germs, nasty bacteria that include Staphylococcus species and many more viruses. So, stop digging out the germs from your nails right away!

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