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Man Who Was Sentenced To Death Wanted To Eat A Boy

There are many cases of cannibalism that we hear about every day. Do you know what cannibalism is? It is a practice where one human eats the flesh or internal organs of another human, such humans are called cannibals.

From eating the face of innocent victims to chewing up the intestines and claiming it to be tasty, this is something we get to hear on news, which is totally insane and bizarre.

In such cases, the cannibals need to be sentenced to death!

We are here to share, in this article, a spine-chilling story of a man who was sentenced to death and his only last wish was to have a small boy as his last meal! Yeah, you read that right.

This man who was sentenced to death for his cannibalism requested for a young boy's flesh as his meal! This shows us as to how the world is getting crazier day by day!

With his bizarre request, we wonder what was the point of putting this man on a death sentence at all!

So, find out below if his request was fulfilled or not!


Who Is He?

He was a cannibal pedophile who was sentenced to death in Texas. He had this bizarre last wish of eating a boy as his last meal!


His Sentence...

He was sentenced to death and was supposed to be executed with a lethal injection. Damn! Such a painless death to this Monster-like man!


His Last Meal Request...

He requested to have a young boy's flesh as his last meal. His choice was that the child should be 8 years old and apart from this bizarre request, he did not want the boy to be of Asian origin! Could you digest that??


The Department Of Corrections Rule...

It is said that the last wish of the prisoners on death sentence are supposed to be fulfilled. However, the department must have been in great dilemma due to its own rule!


Solution For It...

There are claims that say they had bought him a corpse from the morgue just to fulfill the last wish of this evil devilish man!



We only wish he was not allowed his last meal and instead been injected with the needle, which he badly deserved!

According to various sources, this news is said to be a hoax; however, even if it were really true, we're glad the man's request was not met!

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