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If You Do These Things You Will Lose Your Job!

Who would love to lose a job, especially when it's their only source of income? Nobody, right! But yes, you can lose your job if you do certain things.

No doubt, there are terms and conditions and certain rules that everybody needs to follow. If you are a bit over-confident, or if you take things too lightly while at work, then there are chances that you can be sacked easily.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the list of things an employee should avoid doing, so that he/she is not going to be sacked at office.

However, there are certain things that employees do generally without thinking about their after-effects or about the long-term consequences that get them into trouble later on.

So, here is a list of things you need to stop doing at work, RIGHT NOW!


1. Not Mingling With Your Team

Workplace is a place where we spend a large part of our day, and if we don't mingle with other co-workers, then there are chances that you won't survive for long. This attitude will either put you in a state of detachment from everyone around you, and it will ultimately make you lose interest in your work and you might just lose your job!


2. Not Taking Initiatives

Everytime a new project comes in or if any activity is announced, the senior management looks out for enthusiastic young employees who are expected to take an initiative and execute that project successfully. If you lack this, then the higher management concludes that you're not serious about your future with the organisation. Hence, you could possibly lose your job!


3. Searching For Jobs Using Your Office Internet

One needs to remember that switching to "incognito mode" on your browser can't save you for long. So, browsing job portals can land you in big trouble and this is one of those things that can certainly make you lose your job.


4. Watching Movies Online

Even if you are bored at work and assume that you could watch a movie or even download it, then you are at trouble my friend, as sooner or later, the company's IT guys will find out about it. So, hold on until you reach home.


5. Coming In Late And Leaving Early

Coming in late and leaving early is okay at times, but it is not fine when done on a daily basis! Remember that the management is watching you and even if you sneak in a little late, they'll know it all.


6. Missing Project Deadlines

When a new project is assigned, there are a lot of expectations, delivery pressure and the constant risk of losing the client that come along with it. If you have been missing the project deadlines on a regular basis, then for sure you would not be spared by your head, as it directly affects the revenue of the organisation you work for.


7. Dating Your Boss' Daughter

On a lighter note, if you are having an affair with your boss' daughter or even the colleague who is a favourite of your boss, then, dear friend, you need to watch out, as this can get you into trouble. Make sure you avoid these unwanted tensions and just work!!


8. Getting Into Fights With Your Co-Workers

Nobody can tolerate a trouble-maker and if you are one, then dude, buck up and avoid creating unwanted chaos at work place. After all, nobody likes to have an unhealthy scenario at work place, right? Organisations take strict actions against such people.


9. Bad Behaviour

Being naggy about things and just commenting negative remarks to your colleagues, even when they are doing good, will get you noticed. The management would initially warn you, but later can chuck you without notice, so please be careful.


10. Overactive On Social Sites

If you have been posting stuff online on how you had a nap while the boss was away and think that you can get away with it, then forget it! There would be a way through which the truth would be out. Do not be over-relaxed at your work place, as it could lead you to lose your job.


11. Get Caught Out On Sick Day

Since your boss genuinely believes you that you are absent at work, since you're ill and later if he/she finds out you were enjoying at a movie or a buffet, then god save you, my friend, as this can only break your trust and ultimately lead you to lose your job.


12. Moonlight For A Competitor

If you have been secretly revealing the company details to a rival company and thinking that you are smart, then do not worry, you would be caught sooner or later and will certainly be terminated for this very unfaithful act of yours!

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