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Haunting Last Tweets Of People Stuck In Aleppo

There is something new that is happening around the world each day. Most of us are hardly aware of the current war situations that are going on around the globe. Syria is a country that has been going through a lot with its current war scenario.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most haunting last messages of people from Aleppo.

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We're living in a total different part of the world and hence cannot judge on the actual scenario that the people of Syria are going through and facing every second.

There are millions and millions of children killed in the name of war. Many videos of helpless people crying or dying while they are filming the current situation are also appearing on some of the social media sites.

But, there is hardly anything much done by us or the other countries.

Check out these heart-wrenching videos and tweets of people who have recorded them and these are the people who did not know if they would survive for their next meal or not!

This Message Breaks Our Heart!

Even though this little girl is just 7 years old, she has a strong message to the world!

This Tweet Made Us Die A Little

Even when the world has turned a deaf ear to their problems, this guy's message will melt your heart!

Another Tweet From The Same Guy!

We're glad, he is still alive and has posted this video a few hours back!

Straight From An Activist!

She is an activist in eastern Aleppo who has recorded a very strong message to the world!

Updates About The Actual Situation Out There!

This guy has been updating about how little kids are dying in the cold out there!

Same Guy Updated This!

In this video, the man is explaining about the ceasefire in the area and other updates. These messages are so depressing!There have been dozens of such messages that people have been sharing and tweeting as the situation out there is really worse. All that we can do is send out our prayers to this country which has been fighting for years now!

If you have any comment or opinion to share on this, then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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