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Unbelievable Weapons Used By People!

There are times when a person is angry and he knows no limit. When a person is angry, he tends to start throwing things around and makes sure the damage is done.

This is all done at the heat of the moment. After this, the person tends to regret for his actions at a later point as well.

Here, in this article, we are about to share details about some of the craziest weapons that people have used when they have been really angry.

These are the things that are generally not used by a common man while in anger.

Find out more about the most craziest things that people have used from hitting their partners with a guitar to attacking a person with an umbrella.

Hence, this article lists many such things that people have actually used to kill other people when in anger.

Find out about these crazy, outrageous weapons that people have used.



A 21-year-old man named Jason Webster was a jealous undergraduate student. He had murdered his lover named Rebecca Love, 26, when he was in a drunken state. Her body was found by the university staff 2 days later and it had around 93 separate injuries on the head, chest, neck and body!



A pastor of a Baptist Church in Texas was beaten to death with an electric guitar by 33-year-old Derrick Birdow. Police had to use a stun gun on Birdow to stop him, but he was later pronounced dead.


Prosthetic Leg

A homeless woman from Louisiana was killed by her boyfriend Dwayne Ball using her own prosthetic leg. She stomped on him and then he took off her prosthetic leg and attacked her to death.



A robber in England attempted to rob a disabled man named Timothy Magee. When Magee tried to protect himself, he hit the robber with a dessert spoon which striked the back of the head. It had such a force that it ruptured an artery causing fatal bleeding.



This is a terrifying incident in which a mother killed her 28-day-old baby girl by placing her daughter in an oven for 2 minutes. The internal organs of the child had cooked which instantly killed the baby.



A 40-year-old man was killed by a stranger carrying an umbrella. The stranger passed by the man and without any kind of a warning turned around and stabbed the man in the back with the tip of an umbrella. Later, it was revealed that the umbrella had a built-in needle that injected mercury into the body of the victim and killed him.


Pickle Jar

A young boy named Daniel Kovarbasich was hired by a 55-year-old Duane Hurley to walk his dog. The boy was just 12 years old then. It turned out that Hurley was a pedophile and used to abuse the boy physically. When the boy was tired of the abuse, he repeatedly bashed Duane in the head with a pickle jar.

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