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Chilling Murders + Suicide That Shook The World

Being low or depressed should not be a problem to commit suicide. It is not the end of the world. Instead, learn to find out ways to come out of such situations. Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most chilling murder and suicide cases that literally shook the world.

Find out about these chilling cases where people have found the only solution to all their problems; and that being "SUICIDE"! But one needs to remember that suicide is not the only solution and things can get sorted, as there is nothing in this world that has no solution.

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Check out these murder cases and the reasons for which people have committed suicide. We're sure you would be enraged to find that these people killed innocent members of their family and finally suicided for some of the reasons that could probably have a solution.

The Mother Who Jumped To Death With Her Son...

A 33-year-old woman jumped to death with her son in her arms, as she was depressed that her rhinoplasty was unsuccessful. She believed that her nostrils were over-sized and it meant that she could no longer smile. Sad, isn't it!

Baby Who Survived A Bullet For 3 Days!

An Argentinian couple who thought that the world was ending due to global warming decided to end their lives and they wanted to protect their kids from a terrible end, and hence shot their 2 kids and themselves. The 7-month-old survived the shot and was fighting for 3 long days, until the police found her. She is doing fine now!

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Father Abducted And Killed His 2 Sons

Christopher Cadenbach shot his two sons and turned the gun towards himself as well. Apparently, he was wanted by the police on a $100,000 domestic violence arrest warrant.

Father Who Called 911 To Report Deaths

Lance Buckley called 911 and said that he wanted to report 3 murders and a suicide. By the time the police had arrived at the scene, Lance was found dead with his wife and two daughters. The reason for this bizarre end was not established.

Millionaire Who Murdered His Wife & Jumped To Death

A husband and wife were found dead at separate locations. The woman's body was found in the house, while the millionaire jumped off from a cliff in front of many sightseeing visitors. The police officers believe that he had killed his wife before jumping to death.

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