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SHOCKING: Accidental Deaths During Olympics

Olympics is a game where we hear about players from all around the world winning medals and making their countries proud. Though there are many good experiences that the players have, there are a few sad moments as well, as some players have died in accidental deaths during Olympics.

The cause of death of these players has varied from heart attacks, sailing accidents, car crashes to even cancer. Apart from these tragedies there have also been cases of shootings, suicides, helicopter crashes and players going missing at sea.

Here in this article, we are about to share some of the worst tragic accidental deaths of players during Olympics.

These are the death incidents of players during Olympics. Their dream of winning medals was shot lived as they lost their lives during these games.

Find out about the accidental deaths during Olympics...


Lazaro Francisco

Lazaro Francisco was the first Portuguese Olympic marathon runner and standard bearer during the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. He used wax on his body to curb his sweating during the marathon. Unfortunately his body got overheated and he collapsed with a temperature of nearly 106 degrees Fahrenheit and died the following morning.


Knud Enemark Jensen

Knud Enemark Jensen was a Danish cyclist who died after a bad wreck. Reports claimed that during the autopsy, a large amount of amphetamines were found in his system. He collapsed and fell from his cycle during the race.


Nicolae Berechet

He was a Romanian amateur boxer and was also Romania's first Olympic boxing champion. He had lost a match just 4 days before his death. It is said that he died of blood poisoning.


Ignaz Stiefsohn

In the year 1936 Ignaz Stiefsohn's life had a tragic end as he was killed when his glider crashed during practice.


Ross Milne

She was just 19 years old when her life was cut short. A tragic accident cut her life short when she had a Ski collision during the practice.


Kazimierz Kay-Skrzypecki

He died during one of the training runs for the first Olympic luge competition at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. He was also a former pilot in the Royal Air Force.

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