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Top 10 Most Expensive Bourbons To Try

The name 'bourbon' comes from the name of the place where bourbon whiskey was first manufactured. The place called Bourbon in the state of Kentucky in USA started the manufacturing of bourbon whiskeys. But now, the production of this whiskey is no more localised. That is why the most expensive bourbons in the world are fermented and distilled at various locations in the world.

Expensive bourbons are extremely rare. You can find expensive scotch whiskey in a greater number than expensive bourbons any day. But Boldsky has put together a list of ten expensive bourbons for collectors and connoisseurs. The prices of these whiskies are subject to minor changes as per the local taxes and also on the demand for the liqueur.

There are many whiskey brands in the world that make bourbon whiskey exclusively. A. H. Hirsh is one of them. The A.H. Reserve was for a long time the most expensive bourbon to be found in the world. But it was recently overtaken by the Evan Williams' 23 year old collection.

Here are some of the most expensive bourbons in the world for your perusal.


Jack Daniel's Macallan Fine & Rare Collection: $10,125

Jack Daniel's is a famous whiskey brand that calls its product a Tennessee whiskey. However, Jack Daniel's Macallan Fine and Rare can be classified as bourbon and there are very few bottles of this collection still left.


Evan Williams' 23 Year Old: $350

If you want something really premium and classy, then try Evan Williams 23 year old collection. This is one of the most expensive bourbons available in the world today.


A. H. Hirsch Reserve: $300

Until recently, A. H. Hircsh was the most expensive bourbon whiskey in the world. But its price has fallen considerably in the last 2 years.


Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Old: $250

Pappy Van Winkle's is just as rare as a bourbon whiskey can get. It has a family business that dates back several hundred years.


Wild Turkey Tradition 14 Years Old: $120

Wild Turkey Tradition was not originally a very highly priced whiskey. However, as the stores are going down, the price is going higher. And the demand clearly outweighs the supply.


Middleton Very Rare: $139

It is a very rare kind of whisky because it is blended not from different casks or flavours but from different number of years. All the best bourbon whiskey used are between 12 to 25 years old.


Maxim Mills 24 Years Old: $100 per ounce

Well technically, there is no whiskey called Maxim Mills. And yet this phantom whiskey appears in selected bars and gets bought at very high prices.


Black Maple Hill 16-Year Old: $125

If you love the smell of brown sugar and molasses then you ought to try the Black Maple Hill 16-year old for sure. There is a controversy as to whether or not it is distilled, but it is a classy bourbon whiskey all the same.


Woodford Reserve Seasoned Oak Finish: $90

As the name suggests, this whiskey has been aged in oak barrels. This a young brand of whiskey and yet is extremely popular even among veteran drinkers.


Old Forester Birthday Bourbon: $38

The speciality of this bourbon is that a single bottle may contain whiskey from several different years. But this is one of the better whiskeys for special occasions.

Story first published: Thursday, July 4, 2013, 1:05 [IST]
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