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Worst Alcoholic Drinks


Alcohol is a stress buster for many people these days. After a hectic day, few pegs of your favourite alcoholic drink makes you feel lively and much better. To relieve stress, there are many alcohol lovers who keep experimenting new flavours. Shots are great to enjoy with friends while partying. If you want to get drunk instantly, just gulp down few raw shots. However, many alcoholic drinks taste terrible and can even make you puke. Find out which are the worst tasting alcoholic drinks.

Abortion: It is a shot made with Bailey and peach. After gulping the shot, you might feel your stomach burning. Inflammation would be felt on your stomach and throat lining together. Many people, especially women, feel it is the worst alcoholic drink ever.

Cement mixer: This is another one of the worst shots made with disgusting alcoholic drinks. Bailey is mixed with vodka and lemon juice. The thick consistency of the shot makes it difficult to gulp down. Immediately after having the cement mixer, you will feel like puking it out.

Rum and whiskey: This is a worst combination for alcohol lovers. You can have either of the one drinks. There are few drunkards who mix both the drinks together. They feel the stronger the drink is, the easier it is to get hammered! It is one of the worst alcoholic drinks.

Beer and tomato juice: This is another alcoholic drink that tastes extremely bad. Almost similar to bloody Mary, this is made with beer and not vodka. Beer cannot be mixed with anything to make a delicious cocktail.

Eggnog: This alcoholic beverage is made with raw eggs and alcohol such as whiskey and brandy. The smell of aw eggs is so strong that you cannot gulp down the cocktail at all. How people have this as a welcome drink or as a dessert?

Tequila orange juice: Although tequila is a popular alcoholic drink, it becomes disgusting when mixed with a citrus fruit juice. It not only excessively sweet to taste but also filled with calories. Plain tequila shots are far better than this mix.

Feni and coconut water: Feni is a local drink famous in Goa. Tourists and local people have it raw. To enjoy the beach mood, mixing coconut water and feni is a terrible idea. You would hate the smell of strong feni and the sweet taste of coconut water. It is a complete mismatch.

These are a few alcoholic drinks that taste bad but it also depends on your personal taste. Do you hate any drink? Share with us.

Story first published: Thursday, June 28, 2012, 14:45 [IST]
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