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Bloodthirsty Vampires Of India

Do vampires truly exist? If so, can we see them?

These are few common questions that always come up when the topic of discussion is Vampires! It is believed that the history of vampires was traced back in countries like India, China and Egypt. Check out the vampires of India and study the existence of these blood seekers.

Vampires of India:

Kali: She is also worshiped as the Goddess of Vampires. The bloodthirsty Goddess is similar to the Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet. Kali, the Vampire wears a garland of skulls, corpses and has four arms. Her thirst for blood started after drinking Raktabija's blood. It is believed that she is an incarnation of Goddess Durga, born to kill demons of the world. Raktabija was a demon who multiplied with his blood drops. Goddess Kali killed him by drinking his venom. Animals are sacrificed till date in honour of the Goddess.

Brahma-rakshas: Also known as Brahmaparusha, this vampire is one of the scary demons in Hindu mythology. Brahmarakshasa not only drinks human blood but, also loves to eat their brains. The bloodthirsty vampires tie human intestines around their head and neck. It is believed that Brahma-rakshas perform a ritual dance with the new victim's intestines after filling their stomach with blood.

Baital Pachisi: Baital was famously carried by King Vikram on his back. This vampire's text was written in Sanskrit thousands of years ago. According to the Hindu mythology, Baital was not so scary. He was a storyteller who saved the life of King Vikram by telling a story. Baital holds a body of half human and half bat.

Rakshasha: They are another dangerous vampires in India. This blood demon appear either as a human (with animal attributes such as claws, tiger teeth or slitted eyes) or as an animal (with human attributes such as hands, feet and nose). Apart from drinking human blood, this vampire eats human flesh too.

These are few bloodthirsty vampires in Hindu mythology that can give you goosebumps.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 5, 2012, 13:04 [IST]
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