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5 Things I Love & Hate About Kolkata City


The very existence of Kolkata as a city is steeped in nostalgia. When you are there, you long to get out and when you are away, you long to get back. In spite of being one of the best metropolitan cities in India, it craves for past glories or wonders. For example, some hard core Calcuttans still miss the name 'Calcutta'.

Here are 5 thing that you will love and hate about the city of Kolkata.

5 Things I Love About Kolkata City:

1. City Of Bookworms: If you are a voracious reader, then Kolkata is the pilgrimage that you must visit in your lifetime. If you have not savoured the smell of old, musty books in the dingy lanes of College Street, and feasted upon the ocean of books being sold at unbelievably low prices, then you cannot be called a true book lover.

2. City Of Foodies: The street food in Kolkata is delicious beyond imagination and cheap beyond hope. Whether it is the phuchka (pani puri) or the sumptuous egg rolls, you cannot afford to miss anything. Also keep the legendary Flurry's and Coffee House on your wish list!

3. Durga Puja In Kolkata: If you have to visit Kolkata, then Durga puja is the best time to do stay in the city of joy. The city becomes brighter with lights and festivities during this time. It can be said with pride that Kolkata is the best city in India to be in during the 5 days of Durga puja (Navratri).

4. Colleges In Kolkata: This city is privy to some of the best colleges with old world charm like the Presidency college, St Xavier's College and Jadavpur University.

5. The City Of Trams: Kolkata is the best city in India for a tram ride. This is because it is the only Indian city that still has trams. You might be disappointed by the new futuristic looking trams though. The old ones with their ding-dong bells were much better.

5 Things I Hate About Kolkata City:

1. Hot, Humid And Lousy: To put in one word, the Kolkata weather in summer is oppressive and the winter is damp. Not much to choose between frying pan and fire.

2. City Of Strikes: Strikes in this city can happen at any place and time. You get to see an amazing number of processions and road blocks for most trivial of reasons here.

3. The Politics Of Disaster: You often see very polarised political views in the city of joy. That is one of the main reasons for the city being robbed of its 'joy'.

4. Bad Work Culture: If you are a very professional person, then you may not find the work culture of Kolkata very up to the mark. Definitely not one of the best cities in India to work in.

5. Slow But Steady: Compared to Mumbai or Delhi, life moves at a slower pace over here. Not the same mad rush in the veins of Calcuttans, which may be a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective.

Have you ever been to the city of Kolkata? Share your experiences with us.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 17:22 [IST]