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Heroes Haunted By Demons: The Forever 27 Club

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Forever 27 Club
We all fear age more than anything else. Imagine how it would be to 27 years old forever and ever and ever? Well we will really have to ask the forever 27 club. On the day after pop queen Whitey Houston's sudden tragic end, lets rewind into the legacy of these young dead rock stars of the past.

Who Are They?
Are they a real club or a rock band or some kind of a political group? None of these. Actually this club is a totally fictional concept. All the dead musicians of the rock and roll generation who dies at 27 have been grouped together under this banner by music lovers. You may know all these musicians separately, the names will certainly not be unfamiliar but fact they are all part of the Forever 27 Club is creepy!

Veterans Of The Forever 27 Club:

1. Louis Chauvin: It all began with this ragtime musician who died a tragic death due to (some say) syphilis way back in 1908

2. Robert Johnson: He was the second member of this unfortunate club and he was not even famous when he died. This dead rock star was worth more after this death. His posthumous fame comes from the being discovered by the Rolling Stones.

3. Jimi Hendrix: The first real 'Black man' in the rock hall of fame, he pioneered the electric guitar as an instrument. An inspiration for the Beatles and Bob Dylan to come. Died at 27 by choking on his own puke is all we can say to explain this loss.

4. Janis Joplin: The the original hitch hiker who hitched hiked are way around America was probably the most powerful singer of the early rock movement. One of the most popular Woodstockers died of an drug overdose at the age of 27 in 1970.

5. Jim Morrison: We now call him the American Poet and see this man with Greek god looks stare out of t-shirts. It is fabled that he committed suicide by injecting beer into his veins. Another whacky musical genius joins the group of dead rock stars.

6. Kurt Cobain: He grew up with the dream of entering the Forever 27 Club. Was that the reason for the founding member of Nirvana, a band that made anarchic music fashionable, for shooting himself at the age of 27?

7. Amy Winehouse: The last to join this unfortunate group is the British pop star who died in 2011! She won 5 Grammy awards in her life time and then succumbed to alcohol poisoning at 27.

Myths & Speculations:
So what is it about the number 27 that propelled the best and brightest of music to end their abused lives? Does the answer lie in these myths.

1. Position Of Saturn: Astrological comments have suggested that in between 27 and 30 Saturn enters the 'door of infinite wisdom'. As this planet is associated with 'pain and suffering' it provides the impetus to die.

2. White Lighters: It is fabled that a white lighter was found on the dead bodies of Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin and Brian Jones (Rolling Stones). But it is not consistent for all the dead rock stars.

3. Collective Consciousness: This research on this must have been done by some crazy genius after the first few coincidences who died at 27 and the others followed suit in a tragic line.

All we can really say to 27 Club is that 'they all met in heaven'.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2012, 17:21 [IST]
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