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5 Highly Popular Massage Treatments

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Body Massage
Ask anybody and they will say that their travel plans for the year will include going for a 5 star accomodation that offers a body massage. The treatment has become a common things as people are more stressed these days and seek relief through massage.

Today, body massage has become one of the big businesses across the globe. Not only asia but many European nations also offer their kind of massage facilities. Take a look to the most happening body massage treatment in the world.

Top 5 Most Popular Massage Treatments

1. Deep Tissue Therapy – A serious massage technique involves treating the painful areas of the body. The sprain and soreness in shoulders, joints and neck are pressed hard with the help of fingertips and knuckles. The treatment is quite painful and requires constant hydration. Generally the sports persons get these massage treatments.

2. Hot Stone Therapy – Most attract therapy that uses a couple of swedish massage techniques and hot stones. The basalt stones contain iron to helps in retaining heat in the body. Massaging with these stones loosen up tight muscles, improve blood circulation and calm mind. This is the right body massage as the entire body is relaxed and de-stressed.

3. Thai Massage – This famous massage treatment is more like yoga. The therapists use their legs, knees and foot to apply pressure on your body and massage. One advantage for opting for this massage treatment is that you can be dressed. There is no lotion, stone or any oil used for the reflexology.

4. Japanese Massage – Also called the shiatsu massage means finger pressure. It is specifically done to calm mind and improve circulation in nervous system. The therapist applies pressure on body using palms and fingers. There is no dress code as such to the massage but wearing loose fit and light coloured cotton will be ideal.

5. Swedish Massage – The oil massage demands you to take off your clothes and wear a towel. Also called the aromatherapy, the fragrant oils are used to relax and stretch the muscles. The pressure is gentle unlike the deep tissue massage. Improves blood circulation in the body and relieves pain.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 20, 2011, 16:27 [IST]
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