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Bandhavgarh Travel Blog

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Every nature loving person craves for a time to be away from the maddening crowd and be in the wild jungles, snow clad mountains or into the deep blue waters. This time nature"s call was towards the vegetation of Bandhavgarh.

In the heart of Madhya Pradesh, on the rail route to Jabalpur, a little deviation from Katni, is this beautiful Tiger Reserve.

We reached Bandhavgarh in the afternoon of one of the days in March. Enticed by the nature"s call, we threw our bags and got into the gypsy already booked for us, towards Tala. As we approach the last few kilometers to Tala,we found a herd of deer standing statue-like. Deers are the easiest to be spotted and at times we feel nothing great about seeing them. But there is so much to observe in the contours of their body, their walks, their racing, the way they all look together, gazing into the dusky surroundings. It"s a beautiful sight, truly!!

We strain our eyes gazing and ears are alert to hear a call. The slightest of any sound close to a call, we park our vehicles and wait and wait to have a glimpse of the baron. Keep looking through the vegetation and try to

relate images, absolute pin-drop silence and all eyes in one direction. Suddenly a hushed voice and here we find a tigress sitting and relaxing under the soothing warmth and enjoying the pleasant wind. Ah! It is so easy,

spotting a tiger in Bandhavgarh. His benevolence!! We could take as many images as we desired. The sight still lives within me.

A dip into the pool after returning from the jungle and a sip of strong ginger tea, mesmerising!!

Later part of the evening was spent in the projector room, watching films produced in the jungle. One cannot even imagine sitting at one"s work place, the beauty and excitement which the jungle holds. There is so much that

happens inside the jungles. So much of wealth!

The flickering shadows of candle over an orange tableware is captivating and the aroma of freshly cooked food adds to the hunger. The staff at Tiger den makes sure that we have real tasty and healthy food to be up and energetic

for the next sights. Dinner is had listening to the stories of co-tourists and other feline encounters by the guides. If you are a nature lover you would like to sit in the portico of your room after dinner, sip a coffee and

look into the darkness around, enjoy the silence of the jungle and short cries of birds, wonder what are the animals doing and the members you will get to meet tomorrow. A bite by the mosquito goes unnoticed and a humming by them into your ears doesn't really bother you.

People from all over the world seem to travel to this Reserve to get a glimpse of the gigantic baron. It is amazing to see children and old alike already half-covered in blankets inside the open gypsy clad with dew in the wee hours. It is interesting to meet people and know nothing is intrinsic.

It feels good to be among voracious readers and to know that we also contribute to the permeate knowledge, no less than the guides.

One cannot break the rules of jungle now. Things are quite in order, so much good for the beings we have come to see. We entered the jungle as early as 5.30 am. Never thought our petition would be honoured with such beautiful

sight. I had never seen a tigress walking with her cubs. A magnificent sighting. I felt my whole purpose of visiting Bandhavgarh was served. In the afternoon, we could see birds and capture them in their stunning poses.

It is not easy to get them the way we got to see them. An Owl sitting composed in the trunk of the tree, carved so well. A real piece of achitechture!! Amazing sight to watch the Kingfisher fly down, catch its prey and soar

high. Such a small being and such wonderful breath-taking dive!! A Peacock sitting right across, just to be clicked. Perfectly planned tour timings, I must say ! The wait in the queue in the morning hours seem to have paid us well. Out of nowhere a leopard suddenly crossed the canal. As it had already turned dark and as the leopard was walking into the jungle, it got camouflaged. Even that was sheer luck as sighting a leopard is so difficult.

Packing up from Bandhavgarh became nostalgic. The care and warmth of the crew at Tiger"s den was equally fascinating like the luring jungle. This trip was one of my memorable and rewarding holidays. But…..will have to work some more to be back with B2, Kalua, Lakshmi (name of tigers). Imagining a view under the moonlight, leaving the legends of jungle by the streams in the canal, lying on dry leaves, doze in the scour, accustomed to their wont, feel pride in their kill and feast on it, to a little more civilized land of software legends!

Bandhavgarh undoubtedly beckons with truly royal beings.

This note is sent with a small message that we must take care of nature as

much as possible.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 17:13 [IST]
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