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Here’s How You Can Win A $310 Million Jackpot From India!

By Staff

American lotteries are known worldwide for offering the biggest jackpot prizes. Mega Millions is one of the most popular lotteries, especially when it offers prizes like the $310 million USD ((₹22.8 billion) jackpot up for grabs in its upcoming draw.

If you thought the only way you could win an American lottery prize was by flying to the United States and purchasing a Mega Millions ticket in person, think again! Mega Millions lottery tickets can be purchased online, safely and securely, at, the world's leading online lottery ticket purchasing service.

Is it legal?

Indians can take advantage of LottoSmile's service for their chance at the Mega Millions jackpot, and their lottery play would fully comply with Mega Millions's rules and regulations. According to Adrian Cooremans, LottoSmile's spokesman, "Mega Millions's rules clearly state that you do not need to be a citizen or resident to play, nor is there any law in the United States prohibiting a foreigner from winning the lottery."

Anyone, Mega Millions's website confirms, can "purchase a Mega Millions the game and...collect prizes." So, why not someone from India?

6 steps you can take toward winning a $310 million USD jackpot

1. Create your free account at LottoSmile and select Mega Millions from the more than 50 worldwide lotteries available on the site.

2. Fill in the online ticket purchase form with your chosen numbers: five main numbers from 1-70 and a single Megaball number from 1-25.

3. Confirm your purchase. Visa is the leading payment method in India for online lottery play.

4. An official ticket will be purchased for you by LottoSmile's local agents in the USA.

5. You will see the scanned ticket in your personal account.

6. You'll receive a notification every time you win!

LottoSmile has been calling lucky players since 2002, telling them: "Hello, you won the lottery!"

M. from Baghdad was lucky enough to win $6.4 Oregon Megabucks USA Lottery back in August 2015

The odds of an Indian winning the US$310 million Mega Millions jackpot are exactly the same as those of someone playing in the United States. An Indian who buys their tickets at LottoSmile could be the jackpot winner if they hit all the numbers in the Mega Millions draw.

What happens when you win?

LottoSmile charges a small service fee, but the good news is that "when you win, we don't charge commissions, no matter how big or small the prize is," LottoSmile's spokesman explained.

Small prizes are transferred to your private account at LottoSmile shortly after they are received from the official lottery operator, but jackpot prizes may need to be collected in person.

"Rest assured - LottoSmile will do everything possible to assist you in collecting such an enormous prize," Cooremans said.

"Winning a lottery jackpot is a matter of luck," he added, "but if you want to write your own fortune, one thing is certain. You need to play the lottery if you want a chance of winning the lottery."

For more information how to play Mega Millions online from India, please visit

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