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In A Viral Video Woman Holding Baby Seen Sitting On The Floor Of Delhi Metro, Twitter Reacts

Recently, a video posted by IAS officer Awanish Sharan has gone viral and is making news around on Twitter. In the video, a woman holding a child is seen sitting on the floor of a metro while other people occupy seats around her. Not a single person bothered to give up their seat to the mother.

The video was heartbreaking to watch. The video's title reads, "Your degree is simply a piece of paper, your education is seen in your behaviour." More than eight lakh people have seen the video and garnered many reactions criticising other commuters in the metro.

One user on Twitter also pointed out that the video posted here is an old video and stated that the woman had been offered a seat by numerous people, but she declined and opted to sit on the floor since it was more comfortable there and to carry the child on her lap. He added that not everything looks as they are shown on social media.

If we look into the previous instances, there are many such examples of indifference in the metro. One among them was held in 2017, when an elderly Muslim man was denied a seat in the Delhi metro by a group of young people who called him disrespectful names and insulted him for his appearance.

The incident happened when a young man refused to give up an older citizen's seat on the metro and was also abused by him and told to travel to Pakistan if he wanted a coach ticket.

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