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A Day With George W. Bush

By Staff

With Obama being the new president of America, and so much of news happening around, people seem to have forgotten legends like, George W. Bush. No pun intended, whatsoever. Look back and ask your self, when was the last time you had heard some thing from this outrageous (as many liked him to be termed as) man. Do you even know where he dwells at the first place? Hmmm... well, here you go. This story will give you a peep into the life of Mr. Bush, the 43 rd President of America, who lives with a hope that history will give the testimony of his deeds, than what people of America think now. Of course, Mr. President. Forgetting your legacy will be next to impossible? And it's not only your country to think that way, but the whole world.

Today, after serving as the 43 rd President of the United States, George W. Bush some how loves to live a quiet and a simple life in Dallas, Texas. What a change, right? He even seems to have lost the interest in a lot of other things. For instance, his house. The man, once a resident of The White House, lives in a house with two oak trees that shades the front yard. The Secret Service occupies a house next door. And his neighbours are a barrier of orange cones, two police cruisers and four Secret Service agents who scan the perimeter with binoculars restricts entrance into the cul-de-sac. The Bushes plan to install a permanent gate outside the cul-de-sac later this year.

About once each week, Bush travels to give a speech or raise money for his 300 million dollar presidential centre, but he always moves inside an insulated bubble.

So far as his daily routine is concern. It, too, goes simple, with not a lot of things to be done. Bush almost always arrives at his Dallas office by 7:30 a.m., a few minutes before many of his employees, making him first to arrive. He works on his book with the help of a speechwriter, leaves for a late afternoon bike ride and spends his evenings reading or watching televised golf or baseball. Most of his weekdays are spent 95 miles north, in Preston Hollow, an upper-class section of Dallas where he lived for seven years before becoming governor of Texas in 1995. He has declined to give interviews, except to discuss baseball or his book, and neighbours remain silent so as not to violate his privacy. So, now the man cares about violation of his privacy, huh? His weekends, however, are spent more with the family. He spends most of his weekends with his wife, Lauraat, in their isolated ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he likes to wake up early, roam the 1,600 acres with a chainsaw and cut new bike trails.

About once each week, Bush travels to give a speech or raise money for his 300 million dollar presidential center, but he always moves inside an insulated bubble. But, with all these, Bush, most known for his temper and freaky nature, at times, manages to show his strange behaviour. For instance, on a trip to Calgary, one of the cities in Canada, last month, he flew into town on a private jet and ate in a private room at a restaurant with three friends and the Secret Service. Eighty police officers provided extra security.

Bush works with a dozen aides from his administration, socializes with friends he has known for decades and lives in a conservative neighbourhood that voted for him – both times – by a ratio greater than 2 to 1. No wonder. He dismisses analysis of his presidency as premature, regrets little and refrains from engaging in the snippety back-and-forth between the Obama administration and Bush loyalists such as Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

Bush feels content with his presidency, friends said. Now he will try to explain his two terms by writing a book and building a presidential center at Dallas's Southern Methodist University, so that history will have the means to judge him fairly.


Story first published: Thursday, April 16, 2009, 11:00 [IST]
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