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Interesting Rags To Riches Story Of Hollywood Celebrities

By Staff
Glamour world appears to be a fantasy land to an outsider, but behind every 'superstar smile' lies a story of hardship, behind that immaculate shining face is a past of hard work, behind that personality is hidden an enigma of inspiration. Not all celebrities are born with glamour, or at least such was the case with Madonna, Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe to name a few.

While some of the A-listers had reasonably decent beginnings, some had to sustain themselves with filthy jobs before creating a niche for themselves, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Matthew McConaughey spent a year shovelling chicken manure, Mick Jagger worked as a porter in a mental hospital, Madonna used to serve customers at 'Dunkin Donut".

Similarly, Russell Crow used to be DJ at 16, Robin Williams worked as a street mime, Eva Mendes used to sell hot dogs, and Brad Pitt donned a giant chicken suit and stood outside a store to attract clients.

If you thought the life of a superstar is all perfect and they are not worth the red-carpet privilege that they get, try and keep in mind that they are also common individuals working hard for their everyday bread.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 14:58 [IST]