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Tips To Help Pets Beat The Summer Heat


Summer is here and it is time to beat the heat along with your pets. If your pet is feeling restless and out of control, it is best to take them out for a walk and let them play in an open ground.

Grab a ball and a Frisbee disk along with your pet and bask in the sun's rays for a little bit.

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Man's best friend needs a little bit of sunshine now and again. If your pet's fur is troublesome, make sure that you make an appointment at the spa to help trim the fur down a bit.

Feline creatures too can be pampered this summer. If your feline friend is having a tough time beating the heat, you can get him/her a water bag or a swimming floater to relax.

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These little tips, along with a few more mentioned below, can really help your pets beat the heat in summer. So, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at some of the tips that Boldsky provides to you. These simple tips can help your pet to feel cooler and much better when the temperatures soar high:


Watch What They Eat:

It is necessary for the owner to keep a tab on their pet's health. Following a rich diet in summer is ideally the best. Fill your pet's bowl with coolants like watermelon, buttermilk and coconut water. Curd is a good probiotic too, so you can add it to their boiled rice along with pieces of meat.


Take A Walk With Them:

Mornings and evenings are perfect, since there's no concentrated sunlight. It is the best time of the day for you and your pet to take a healthy stroll. You can also take your pet to a park, so that he can run around and stretch his legs.


Grooming Them Up:

Trim your pet's hair and help them stay cool in summer. Depending on the breed of the animal, the veterinarian will decide as to how much of trimming your pet dog requires.


Take Them To The Pool:

You can either take your dog on a vacation to beat the heat, or you can visit a pet-friendly resort in the city. Both ways, you and your pet can enjoy and beat the heat in summer.


Make Sure They Drink Up:

Just like you and me, pets need to drink a lot of water as well. If your pet is running around the entire day and being extremely playful, keep aside a bowl of water that he can drink from constantly.


When The Temperature Is Too High:

Experts advice that pets should not be allowed to play in the sun when the temperatures are very high. Dogs too can suffer from a heat stroke and other health-related issues. Therefore, it is best to let them lie on the cool ground, under the fan in a room, inside the house.


Felines Need Pampering Too:

Cats are more adaptable and love the sun, unlike dogs. But, then again, they love the sun only at specific times during the day. Ensure that they have a cool spot and lots of water to drink, to keep themselves hydrated and cool.

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