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Weird Things Dog Owners Do


Ask a pet lover about their dog. They will probably say that no words can explain the love for their dear doggy! There are many dog owners who are crazy about their pet dogs. They are always ready to do whatever unique things they can find to express their love for the dogs. And, of course there are few weird things dog owners do.

While others feel that these are silly crazy things, dog owners consider it as a part of their life. Dog owners are always eager to show off the love and care for their four legged friend. Having a cute dog in your home is going to make your life brighter and better.

Dog Breeds For The Laziest Owners

There is no doubt that when owners are with their dogs, they become one. When a third person sees, it does look quite hilarious. The dogs are sure to enjoy all the attention. They are also very playful and they will enjoy every moment they get to play with the owner.

There are many things that they will do; the following are a few of the weird things all dog owners do.

Eating Dog Food

Having a dog is sometimes like having a baby. They also have their mood swings and it will be surprising to see that they don’t eat or fuss about their food. One of the weird things some dog owners do is eating dog food, in the process encouraging them to eat their food.

Dressing The Dog

Some of the owners who spend so much of time with the dogs, sometimes get all the crazy ideas. One of the weird things all dog owners do is trying out different dress styles on the dogs. They go to the extent of even giving them a hat to wear. There is another side to this where most of the dog shows require the dog to be well groomed.

Forgetting The Poop Bag

It is only custom that when you take a dog for a walk, it is necessary to clean the poop. This will help keep the city clean. This is entirely the responsibility of the owner as part of pet care. Sometimes, the owners forget the poop bag and they try to hide the poop before anyone else sees it.

Treating Doggy Like A Baby

There are times when the owners treat their dogs like small babies; this is indeed one of the weird things all dog owners do. They cuddle them, kiss them and talk to them in baby language.

Taking Weird Pictures Of The Dog

This is another things that most of the dog owners do. With the latest technologies and with every phone having a camera, the owners find it a great pleasure to take random pictures of dogs.

Sleeping With Dog

Successful or not; many owners make their dog sleep with them. While some people make a dog house or a separate couch for their doggy, some others sleep cuddling their furry friend.

If you are a dog owner, you can relate most of these weird things with your life. Have you ever tried any weird things with your dog? Do share with us!

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Story first published: Friday, March 27, 2015, 17:03 [IST]
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