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Do You Want To Own Pet Ducks At Home?


If you are blessed with a backyard or a huge garden, why dont you own a pet duck? This beautiful bird is a great companion for your backyard and they are great pets too. Looking after a pet duck is more or less the same process of looking after a kitten. When it comes to pet ducks it is very important that you opt for a pair. Ducks do not like the companion of oneself. They love to quack about with their kind of species right through the day and this is the sound of music to one's ears.

These social birds need housing that meets their behavioural, social and physical needs. They are ofcourse very intelligent and curious birds which require ample amount of space to move around freely. Access to bird food and a small pond in your backyard will do.

Do You Want To Own Pet Ducks?

To look after pet ducks, here are some tips which might be of great help to you to get started.


Until they are two years old, ducks are not allowed to walk about freely. Ducklings should be taken extra care of. You need to see if they have ample amount of food and clean water. A bed of hay with a heat lamp is also required for them to keep warm. Their pen needs to be covered with a thick sheeting on top so that they are prevented from heavy rain and wind. Thick mesh around the fence will help the ducks not to wander away on their own and to also prevent predators. If you own a mother duck as well, put her in the pen along with her ducklings. Do not separate them.

Clean pond

When they are old enough to come out of the fence. Make sure that their pond is ready with fresh water. Your pet duck needs to be kept in a pond that has water which can cover their whole body. Ducks need a lot of water to keep their eyes, feet, feather and bills in good condition. The duck's pond should be shallow so that your pet duck can come out easily if they happen to climb in. If you have a swimming pool at home, ducks love to make the best use of it. If you do not want your pet duck to take a dip in your pool, cover the pool with a mesh.


All you need is duck food which is readily available in pet shops. To maintain a sense of discipline with your pet ducks, train them in such a way, so that they know pen equals food. Feeding them in their pen is easier for the owner, since pet ducks give a lot of trouble when it comes to feeding. Do not over feed your pet duck. If you have given them their daily feed and they are still hungry give them a very small portion once again.


Ducks have predators. Make sure that your pet duck is away from cats and dogs.

These are some of the pet care tips for your ducks. Make sure you pick the right type of breed since its going to be your pet at home. 'Call ducks' are quacky birds who will create a lot of disturbance. The best ducks to look after at home is the Mini Appleyards breed of ducks.

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