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German Shepherd Diet: Foods


Germans Shepherd dogs are the most popular breed among the dog lovers. Though these dogs look ferocious, they are actually sweet loving animals who are tamed into doing what you expect for them to do. German Shepherd dogs have a weak and sensitive stomach, that is why you need to give them a healthy diet.

For a German shepherd dog diet, you should include some of the healthy foods which have been enlisted below. We have also made note of some of the foods you should avoid when looking after your German shepherd dog.

If you have a German shepherd dog, it is best to feed your dog home food. It is best compared to artificial cereal foods for dogs. These are some of the foods you should avoid and feed your German shepherd dog to.


Ragi is good

The best food for your German shepherd dog is ragi. Adding ragi porridge to your pet dog's diet will keep him healthy. It is also a mild food for his stomach and will keep away all stomach problems.


Cooked rice is good

The best food you can give your German shepherd dog is white boiled rice. This rice is easy for them to chew and digest as well. White rice is better preferred to red or brown rice.


Porridge is good

All dogs love porridge. When it comes to your German shepherd dogs diet, give him a bowl filled with plain oat porridge. Once in a week porridge should be added to their diet. Make sure that there is no salt and sugar added in it.


Milk is good

Milk is an important ingredient to add to your German shepherd dogs diet. Milk helps to keep their teeth strong. They too require good amount of calcium and milk provides it to them. The cream of the milk should be avoided.


Raw meat is bad

When it comes to dogs diet, it is best to avoid raw meat. Raw meat is not good as it creates indigestion and stomach infections too.


Nuts is bad

There are some people who love to feed their dogs with dried nuts. The dried nuts contain a high amount of salt which cause rapid hair fall in dogs, especially German shepherds.


Corn is bad

We might think that corn/ maize is a good ingredient to give dogs, since they love it. But, corn is not a good food to add to a German shepherd dogs diet. Corn has a lot of starch which makes the dog get constipated.


Lentils is bad

There are two particular lentils which should never be a part of a German shepherd dogs diet. Channa and rajma are foods to avoid for this breed of dog. They are dangerous foods for them, so avoid it at any cost.

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Story first published: Friday, October 18, 2013, 16:54 [IST]
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