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7 Things Your Newborn Puppy Needs


A newborn puppy is just as special as a newborn baby. It brings happiness and excitement to the whole family. If you have taken your dog for breeding, then you might come home with some cute puppies. If not, you could also have brought a puppy from a breeder. Most people prefer to buy or get a pet dog when it is a newborn. This is because, training a puppy becomes much easier when it is very young.

To help you become a better parent to your newborn puppy, we have listed some things that you will certainly need.

1. Warmth: Puppies need at least a temperature of 90 degrees to be comfortable. You must have seen that the mother dog always cuddles the puppy to keep it warm. If you have both mother and child together, then you will have no problem. But if you have just brought the puppy, make arrangements to keep it warm.

2. Puppies sleep a lot: A newborn puppy will sleep for 16 to 18 hours in a day just liek a baby does. In fact, all it will do for the first few weeks is eat and sleep. So make sure you make a very cosy baby kennel for your pup.

3. New puppies are blind: Most of the dog breeds give birth to blind puppies. They are called blind because their eyes don't open right after birth. It takes 2 days to about a week for the puppy to open its eyes. For this duration the puppy will move little and you have constantly be there to guide them.

4. Puppy training to eat: Feeding the puppy without its mother will not be an easy task. You will have to give the pup lukewarm milk in a special feeding bottle. If the nipple of the bottle does not fit into the puppy's mouth, trying pouring milk into their mouth with a spoon.

5. Puppies walk fast: Most puppies learn to walk pretty fast. Unlike human babies who are restricted to the crib for at least a year, a puppy starts moving freely by the end of the first month. But they do not grow brains proportionately with their legs, so you need to be watchful all the time.

6. Teething Troubles: Our puppy will not teeth immediately after birth but in 1 or 2 months it will. You need to keep some teething toys ready for him or her to chew on. If you don't, all your furniture will be chewed up!

7. Potty Training: Newborn puppies are not toilet trained so they will relieve themselves anywhere they want. You can try dog drapers until you start potty training your puppy. It is best to start training as quickly as possible. The fresher you start, the better you train.

These are some of things that you must know about newborn puppies. Tell us about your first experience with your puppy.

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