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Tips On Cat Health

By Suparna Chakaraborthy
Cats suffer some common health problems but if these problems are not recognized in time it can be fatal. Cats as good as pets but at the same time they have a habit of loitering outside home. On their stroll they tend to pick up few diseases. If your want your cat health to be perfect there are a few things which need to be practiced.

1.Health Check Up - Cats should be taken for annual check up. The check up should be done from it's nose to it's tail. Weight, ENT and oral check up is very important. Skin infection, discharge and fur quality should be checked.

2.Licking Habit – Cat is the most clean animal. They are often seen licking itself to keep it clean from all the dirt but if you notice excessive licking, check with a doctor. Cats are allergic to some food, like corn etc. If the case is of food allergy, change diet of your cat immediately.

3.House Plants – Cats love to play in the garden but there are few plants which maybe harmful for their health, like berries. Cat health is very sensitive to plants which are poisonous to them. Other plants fatal for cat health are, Diffenbachia, English ivy, Crocus etc.

4.Cat Oldage – Like human as cats grow old they develop diabetes, kidney disorder etc. The symptom of such disorder is excessive thirst. If your cat shows signs of increased thirst, take him to a vet. An old cats diet should include less calories and more fluids.

5.Cat Hair – Cats with more hair tend to suffer hair balls. These hairballs later may be infected with germs. Thus, it is important to brush your cats coat once everyday. After a walk wipe it's coat with a dry cloth.

6.Ear Mite – Ear Mites are pests which infect ear canals. The symptoms are itchy skin, hair fall, discharge of ear wax etc. Ear mites needs immediate attention from the vet.

Cats love to eat. The cartoon character Garfield is the best example. Cats love luxurious living. If they are allowed this kind of lifestyle, they can put on excessive weight. It is necessary to make your cat do some exercise.

1.Let your cat follow your through out your household work. This will make him walk a bit.

2.Play games with him. Throw a false mice at a distance and let him get it back to you.

3.Cats are curious. Dangle something at a height and they will try their best to get it. Let them jump for at least 5-6 times.

4.Buy them a lot of toys. This will keep them physically active.

5.Limit his diet to a few calories. Don't give full cream milk for dinner.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 25, 2010, 15:26 [IST]
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