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Get Rid Of 'Feline Alopecia' In Cats

“Feline Alopecia" is a common disorder that is usually found in cats. They tend to bite themselves and feel very uncomfortable due to the itchiness. This feline disorder is hair fall in cats and it may be symptomatic of various fatal ailments . It can also leads to serious skin diseases.

Although losing few strands of hair is common , it sometimes leads to various malfunctions in the body. In cats the loss of hair may be noticed either as impaired growth of new hair or loss of hair in patches from specific parts of the body.

The main causes of this feline alopecia or disorder is due to many physical and psychological anomalies.

1.Due to the bites of mites , fleas and the other harmful parasites, usually found in the inner thighs and abdominal areas.

2.Allergic reactions from the food that they intake .

3.When they inhale allergens like that of pollen, house dust mites it causes an allergy called, 'Atopy' which leads to this hair loss.

4.Fungal infections is also the cause of hair loss. Ringworm for example causes circular patches in the head, body and ears.

5.Other problems may be because the cat is undergoing stress, anxiety, fear and nervousness.

To help get rid of this feline disorder ,you can take these steps that will be useful to you.

1.You have to provide a well balanced diet for your cat .

2.If the cause of hair loss is stress, all you have to do is to provide her an environment that is stress free and fun.

3.Use vaccum carpets and rugs to prevent your cat from inhaling allergens.

4.If you visit a veterinarian , they will put your at on a diet that will consist of ample enough of proteins and carbohydrates , so that the hair loss is reduced.

5.Certain ointments and lotions are available to cure this hair loss in cats.

You can now help your cat to over come Feline Alopecia . Just follow these steps on how to do your little part and your little friend will be fine in no time.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 18:37 [IST]
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