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Give Your Pregnant Cat Extra Attention

Is your cat acting strange for a couple of days now? If so , it is advisable to take your cat to a veterinary. She might be pregnant!

This stage of the cat is very delicate as she will be going through an uncomfortable period. Your pregnant cat will need immense care and concern and you have to give her special attention.

The diet of your pregnant cat should include one that is high in proteins and rich in minerals. Keep in mind , not to feed your pregnant cat with food that she is allergic to as it will lead to food poisoning.
Here are a few tips that will help you understand your cat's pregnancy and help her to have a healthy pregnancy period.

1.Avoid giving her any kind of drugs to take during the first three weeks of pregnancy ,as it might harm the fetus.
2.Try to keep your pregnant cat in a healthy environment away from flit and dirt as it will affect your cat's pregnancy and cause health issues.
3.Protect your cat from the dangerous feline infectious enteritis ( FIE or panleukopenia), as this will cause brain damage to the unborn kittens.
4.Don't get your cat vaccinated during her pregnancy period as it will lead to other complications. It is better to get her vaccinated before her pregnancy.
5.Keep in mind that you should not get the other cats vaccinated in the house when there is a pregnant cat as live worms in these vaccines can lead to harmful effect to the pregnant cat.

As a owner it is your duty to look after your pregnant cat in the most special way. Apart from the tips you should keep in mind that before you plan your cats pregnancy arrange a litter home for her. She should also be physically strong to bear kittens, so make sure that her health is checked up regularly. Most importantly , before you breed her, make sure you get her tested for viral diseases like FIV or FeLV.

Story first published: Monday, August 30, 2010, 11:52 [IST]
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