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Own A Pet Bird

Thinking of welcoming a pet in to your home , but not sure which one to choose. If you stay in a surrounding that man's best friend or your little kitty can't be welcomed within love and care from your neighbors, its time that you switch to a different pet idea. Having a furry friend to cuddle when you hear the thunder at night is something that everyone would want to wish for , but then at one point we have to accept reality, not all are lucky to have a puppy or a kitty, so don't be sad about it, get a bird or fish instead and you sure will be very happy once they are a part of your home.

Here are some of the reasons why choosing a bird would be more appropriate:-

  • Birds are very intelligent :- In the animal kingdom it is said that birds are the most intelligent. They have a very inquisitive frame of mind that makes them so fascinating , they tend to adapt to the owners type of behavior and they also surprise you in the most uncanny ways possible. Have you ever wondered , when has your dog said 'hello' to you, now your bird can.
  • Easy to take Care:- Some of the pet lovers don't have the time to take frequent walks or to constantly get rid of the litter box, so therefore they get pets as it requires only a small amount of work as to clean only the cage once in a while.
  • Birds are easier to train:- The birds being the most intelligent , they are easier to train. Once you start talking to them they will automatically learn and they are always eager to learn new things. There are no worries especially for the working class society.
  • No Shampoos and Flea baths:- There is no need to take care of your bird in ways of giving them a bath with the new shampoos. They naturally preen their feathers keeping them shining and clean always.
  • Not Expensive:- Taking care of a bird is not that expensive when it comes to looking after a doggy. You can always share the fruits you eat and the vegetables you buy with your little feathery friend. Make sure to keep in mind the things that are toxic for your bird.
  • Occupy a small place:- Birds do occupy a very small portion in your home. They can be put in your living room too and can be hung up on a hook to even give your home a lovely nature view.
  • Attractive Pets:- Birds a re considered to be very attractive. Their beautiful feathers and their comical behavior patterns and colors are so pleasant for you to look at. Gazing at birds have proven to reduce the levels of stress in an individual.
  • Long Lived:- For many of you who have lost a pet are still overcoming that loss of your dear friend and companion. In this case, some of the birds do live for a long period of time and this does ease the concerns of some of the owners who want a pet to live longer.

After all this you wont be confused to go ahead and choose the correct pet for your home. For those who live in apartments , the bird is the best and wise idea and it cant be denied that 'birds' bring a certain life and vibrance to the homes that they grace.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 5, 2010, 11:34 [IST]
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