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Which pup for Obama?

By Staff

Just a few months left before the presidential election and it's time to get the Obama's a dog. They have none. The Washington Post says that the Democratic Presidential nominee has promised his two daughters -- Malia and Sasha -- that they can get a pup after the elections.

Nick Shapiro, a campaign spokesman said: "The girls have started their own research, but no decisions have been made".

So, now the question is which breed of dog will inhabit the White House in 2009? The Clintons had a goofy brown Labrador Buddy and George Bush had a Scottish terrier Barney, which he famously dropped once near his chopper.

On Wednesday, the American Kennel Club posted a puppy poll to assist in the girl's hunt. AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson's advise - " The first rule when deciding to get a dog is making sure you pick the right breed for your lifestyle."

So the Obama's will have to first get an allergy friendly dog, as there are allergy issues in the household. That rules out hairy breeds. The finalists according the poll however, were a hairy one - Bichon Friese (a French breed that lives long and is really tiny), a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier (a very hairy one that looks more like a fur ball) and third, a miniature Schnauzer.

Clearly those who voted liked tiny breeds. A lab or retriever or German Shepherd featured nowhere on the list. Dog lovers still have a chance to cast their votes. The results are to be forwarded to the Obama's on August 19th.

Who will be the first pet. It is so important you know. Will Obama pick a cuddly-wuddly dodo? Or, will he go for a sensible sturdy beast? These are subtle signs of how the presidency will shape up in the next four years.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 12, 2008, 9:20 [IST]
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