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LG Microwave: Healthy Cooking For Your Family Made Easy


Are hunger pangs of your family and you bothersome in the lockdown? Missing your favourite food? You can't deny a simple fact that the birth of each flavour in a plate of good food requires a good combination of the perfect ingredients, cooking time and definitely technology. Apart from a mother's love, of course.

Keeping your health as a priority, LG brings to you a high-tech Microwave Oven that comes with a setting of 30 Heart Friendly Recipes that will ease your cooking woes! Not cosmetic but a legitimate change in your way of cooking, this provides convenience and ease of cooking to customers. Further, it retains the regular flavour in food while helping you lead a healthy life.


LG has been constantly working in giving its users a better lifestyle. Moreover, they care for your health, too. That's why LG brings you Healthy HeartTM Auto Cook recipes that have been certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India.

These recipes will not only take good care of your health but also your taste buds. Go ahead, eat smart with LG Microwave Oven. Simply choose from over 30 Auto Cook Recipes that have been pre-installed in the microwave oven. These recipes will fill any meal - breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, or supplements, with lots of nutrition.

Having an LG Microwave Oven at home gives you an opportunity for cooking a variety of recipes to choose from like Appams Missi Rotis, Tandoori Rotis, Lachcha Paranthas, gujiyas, samosas, pakoras, and even barbeque. But what is unique here? With cooking under Diet FryTM feature, you can save up to 88% of the oil intake.

Some advanced features in the LG Microwave Oven:

  • The Charcoal Lighting HeaterTM: This feature gives you the same exact taste of Barbeque and Tandoori cooking, while the food remains crisp from outside and juicier from inside. Enjoy the smoky flavour of Tandoori Paneer and Tandoori Chicken Tikkas, and many more recipes!
  • LG Microwave Oven's Pasteurized Milk Feature: You can boil milk easily without worrying about the spillover while retaining nutrition and removing bacteria with the Pasteurize Milk feature, What's more, you can get rid of milk spilling over. Just pour the milk in the lid-covered accessory, pick your settings, and that's it! Now you need not monitor the milk when it's boiling! You can store milk in the same accessory in order to prevent it from contamination.
  • Indian Roti Basket: Prepare 12 kinds of exotic Indian Rotis like Naan, Lachha Paratha, Aloo Parathas, etc. at the touch of a button with Indian Roti Basket.
  • Ghee in 12 minutes: With the latest range of LG Microwave Ovens, making hygienic Ghee at home, with absolutely no smell is a matter of just 12 minutes! It also provides you with an easy cooking option and a lot more.


  • 360° Motorised Rotisserie feature: This feature helps cooking tasty and crispy barbeque recipes at home easy and hassle-free at the touch of a button, with no manual intervention for uniform roasting.
  • Paneer: This helps make softer and delicious Paneer at home without the use of any chemicals or enzymes. Perfectly blended, hygienically prepared, delicious homemade curd with the LG Microwave Oven at your home!

What's more, when you have a smart LG Microwave Oven at home, you won't have to use the smoke alarm as a timer ever again.

Disclaimer: *Heart Friendly recipes are neither a substitute for, nor do they replace professional medical advice.**As per internal test report.***Patent applied for. #Time may vary model to model.