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How To Select The Right Paint For Your Apartment Interiors - 4 Steps By Expert

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Wall paint is a prime interior design element that catches the eye as soon as you enter a space. The right paint can elevate your wall's aesthetic appeal and put you in a good mood. This is because colours have a psychological impact on us. Colour tones can make us feel happy or dull based on their use. But, with the variety of paint options in the market, paint selection can be a daunting task. You must be puzzled with questions such as "Which is the trending wall paint colour" or "What is the right colour shade for your wall" and much more.

If these are your concerns, then below is a guide you can use to select the right paint for your home interiors.


  1. - Search the web for what is the trending wall paint.
  2. - Ask your peers about the wall colour palettes of their homes.
  3. - You can get many ideas on Pinterest about colour combinations.
  4. - You can create a folder or moodboard of all the wall paint shades you like.
  5. - While selecting colours, make sure that it matches the interior design theme/ concept of the house.
  6. - Many paint companies provide consultation to help you decide the colour scheme for your walls.
  7. - Finalise a list of colours that suit your personality and resonate with your family.

Paint Sampling

Once you have a bank of colours that you like, order samples on-site and start testing them. Mark and paint a small portion of the wall surface for sampling and wait until it dries. You can understand the sheen of the paint and take your call on the amount of gloss or matte finish you seek. This is necessary because there is always a difference between the actual colour shades and the ones you see on screen. This might seem like some extra work, but it will save you ample time and money in the long run.

Be Consistent With The Colour

Every room in your home might have a different character, but all of them shouldn't be painted differently. The idea here is to have uniformity in the colour scheme while experimenting with a shade or two. You can follow the three paint colour rule which suggests that you stick to three colours throughout the house. Of these, one can be a primary wall colour, the second can be an accent colour and the third can be the secondary colour to break the monotony. A pro tip here is to follow the colour wheel and pick colours that are next to each other.

Consider The Cost

The most important factor for paint selection is the cost. The cost should meet your set budget for painting. You can use online paint quantifiers to get a rough estimate of how much paint you would need. This quantity can be multiplied by the price of painting per square foot to have a tentative figure. Once you know the amount, you can try various paint combinations to best suit your pocket.

Paint selection should be done with utmost precision. It makes your home look well put together. Let us know how these paint selection ideas are working for you.

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