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How To Design Baby Room And Kids Nursery At Home: Expert Tips

The concept of parenthood changes one's perspective towards life, work, and home. While parenting is an exciting experience, what is even more thrilling is to redesign and prepare your house for the baby. From home decor to furniture and space circulation, everything needs to be redone to suit the comfort and safety of the newborn.

Designing a nursery is an integral part of this process. Having a nursery in your home helps to ease the parenting work by providing utilitarian help. However, today's nurseries are designed to be more than just utility spaces. The modern-day nursery is conceptualized to be fancy and create a personalized space for the infant. If you are someone who wants to hop onto this trend, then here are the most trending nursery planning ideas you can use.


1. Planning and Layout

The preliminary step of designing a nursery is to plan the room layout. An efficient nursery design is created by zoning the room on the basis of activities such as sleeping, changing, nursing, and playing. In case of limited space, the nursery can be designed as a multi-purpose space. Chisel and round any sharp edges that are within the reach of the infant and cover all the electrical plug-ins. If you are working parents, install a monitoring system to ensure the kid's safety.


2. Colour Palette

You can opt for gender-neutral nursery designs by opting for vibrant colors that make the room look cheerful. Alternatively, you can choose pastel color schemes if that is the design theme of your house. A wide variety of wallpapers from cartoon-themed to wildlife patterns and floral prints are available. You can even customize wallpapers and texture paints that make the space interactive for the baby.


3. Invest in the Right Furniture

The preliminary furniture pieces you should invest in are a crib, changing unit, storage, and a feeding chair. Minimal furniture in the room to keep it spacious for the kid to play around. If you have space constraints, consider multi-purpose nursery furniture like a crib with a built-in drawer and an attached changing table with storage facilities. Another important factor for nursery furniture selection is avoiding sharp edges and corners to avoid hurting the baby. Select ageless elements in soft furnishings such as curtains, beddings, and rugs so that they can be repurposed while upgrading the room as the child ages


4. Decor and Accessories

The room decor has to be versatile enough to cater to the needs of a growing child. Designing storage cabinets is important to keep the room organized. The use of organic and anti-fungal paint can make the interiors safe and keep the newborn away from infections. Adding a soft rug will absorb noise and provide warmth to the newborn. Decorating the walls with informative quotes and educational pieces will help the kid learn faster and grow better.

Along with designing the nursery, babyproofing your apartment is also essential to keep the infant away from germs and injuries. Make the apartment baby-friendly by covering lower-level electrical conduits, installing baby locks, and more.

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