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Home Decor: Space-Saving Furniture Ideas For 1 BHK And Small Apartments In The City

Living in a metropolis comes with its set of pros and cons. While we love the freedom and speed the city offers, the space-crunch is always a turn-off. The apartment culture is popular across Tier-I and II cities, with many people living in 1 BHK (bedroom hall kitchen) or 1.5 BHK houses, or tiny 2 BHKs. The size of these apartments goes on decreasing, as even the outskirts of the city inches towards becoming a metropolitan.

If you are living in a flat, the lack of space would have always been a concern for you. That's because there seems to be no room for furniture while maintaining good circulation space in the house. This is where the idea of space-saving furniture steps in.

What Is Space-Saving Furniture?

It is a piece of furniture that can save space by folding or twisting its structural members. This is achieved with the help of a hydraulic system or the traditional hinge-screw method. It challenges the traditional idea of restricting a room for a particular use. Space-saving furniture can also be of multi-purpose use.

If you are seeking some fresh ideas to save space in your apartment then here are some ways to do it.


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A table is an essential piece of furniture in an apartment. Centre tables, dining tables, and side tables take up much space in the floor plan. Thus, tables that are foldable or collapsible are becoming popular these days. A few examples of space-saving tables are:

Wall-mounted tables: They are fixed on the wall and can be pulled down as and when needed.

Extendable tables: Originally available in a shorter size, they can be extended as required.

Foldable tables: The table can be folded from across the joints between them.


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A bed finds its place in the bedroom. But if there are many people staying in a small apartment, then there are ways in which a second bed can be accommodated. A few ideas of space-saving beds are:

Sofa-cum-bed: It is a classic way to introduce a bed in your living room. The bed can be pulled out of the sofa's base at night and reversed inside during the day.

Murphy bed: It is a wall-mounted bed that can be folded into the wall. The wall panel that serves as the bed bottom is designed artistically so as to appear in sync with the room interiors.

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Bunk beds: These beds are stacked one above the other by maintaining a habitable distance between them. A ladder is provided to enable a person to climb up to the top bed.


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Apartments have a constant need for storage and there are various ways in which you can cater to this need. Below are a few ideas you could use:

  • A book-shelf as a room partition/ separator
  • Pull-out storage below beds
  • Storage unit below the sink
  • Storage shelf behind dressing table mirrors
  • Openable puffies or stools for storage
  • Shelves above cupboards for keeping travel essentials.

These are some easy to implement space-saving hacks and can help your house stay organised. They will also make your home look versatile and trendy.

Let us know how you reorganise your house with these tips!

Story first published: Monday, December 6, 2021, 19:26 [IST]