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Smart Tips To Make Your House Dust-Free

By Shabana Khachi

There are some things in life which are so persistent that they refuse to leave our way. Now ladies, let's not let our imaginations run wild, we are talking about the one thing that conquers our entire home without our permission, time and again - Dust.

For us women, our house is our temple. It is our personal space, which is an extension of our personalities. It is a place where we unwind after a hard day's work. It is the only place where we feel safe and happy being just ourselves.

If men are reading this right now, yes, we women are as serious about our homes as you are about your set of wheels.

Ah!!! The things we women do to keep our home clean!!! It's just endless.

For women, cleaning their homes is not a big issue. But KEEPING it that way is something which keeps them on their toes. The dust which you wiped off yesterday from your beautiful tabletop will, much to your dismay, appear again the next day as if by magic. Then starts the painstaking cleaning process again. Is there an end to this vicious cycle ever??!!

Dust is actually made of pollen, dirt, human hair, fibres of fabrics, wood ash, chemicals and human dead skin cells. These tiny particles settle on surface and accumulate with time if not taken care of. Though they do not pose any harm to the objects they settle on, the tiny dust particles are not at all healthy for the people living in the house.

Women have known about the harmful effects of dust in their homes, so they employ different methods to get rid of the accumulated dust. But it annoyingly comes back after a day or two and doing the elaborate cleaning routine again may not suffice. Therefore, smart women today, need to find smart solutions to keep their homes dust-free for long.

So, listen up, are a few smart ideas to keep your home dust free for long.


1) Do Away With Carpets:

Carpets are the major store-houses of dust particles. Even if you vacuum them every day, it may be necessary to give them the water and detergent routine to thoroughly clean them. And we all know how difficult it is to do that. Also, carpets are known to be the root cause of the dust particles to accumulate. Removing the very root cause will definitely bring the whole tree down. Instead of carpets, there are loads of beautiful vinyl carpets available in the market, which look great and also keep the dust away.


2) Keep The Windows Closed:

In case you are residing in a road-facing home, it is almost important for you to keep your windows closed, especially at the peak hours of traffic. Outside dust is extremely harmful, as it contains harmful gases and pollutants. Instead, open them early in the morning or late at night for some fresh air inside the home.


3) Clean The Air Filters:

This is as important as keeping your windows closed. Although the air coming from the air conditioner is filtered, they don't work that great if there is a huge build-up of dust in the filters. Therefore, cleaning the filters of your air conditioner regularly will ensure a good air quality for your family.


4) Follow The Dusting-Brooming-Mopping Routine:

Remember how our moms used to swear by this routine? Well, it definitely does its job. Dusting the pillows, curtains, carpets and other items before brooming the whole place will ensure you collect even the tiny amount of dust particles in your dust pan. The enemy will finally accept defeat with the mopping routine, as the combination of water and phenyl will make your home sparkly clean.


5) Install A Humidifier In The House:

This is especially important for people living in the drier regions. Dry environments build a static, which attracts dust and dirt like magnets. Installing a humidifier will reduce static and indirectly decrease the amount of dust in your house.


6) Get Rid Of The Junk:

If you have overhead storage spaces or the attic and find it difficult to get rid of the unused stuff, it is time to think logical. It is wise to get rid of any junk lying around in the house or attic, which may serve as a storage space for dust. Getting rid of them will ensure you have less places to clean often.


7) Try To Reduce Plushy Furniture Around The House:

Textiles - such as linen, satin and even velvet - are notorious for attracting dust. Try to re-introduce items of wood and leather to reduce the amount of dust accumulated in the house.


8) Restrict Footwear Outside:

Your footwear is a major carrier for dirt and dust from the outside. Try to restrict the usage of them outside the home by creating a separate shelf outside. Also, make a rule for guests too to leave their shoes outside before entering.

Story first published: Friday, February 9, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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