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Ways To Use Tomato Ketchup In Cleaning

By Sharon Thomas

The most favourite of all condiments to be had with junk food is the tomato ketchup. Some people just gulp it down. Sometimes, you might get a number of ketchup sachets from a food outlet, especially with takeaways.

All of it is never used up and simply put away. Here, we are going to tell you about how these could be used. Check out the most effective way to make use of it as a cleaning agent. Yes, you read that right - a CLEANING AGENT!

Tomatoes are naturally acidic in nature. When in the form of a ketchup, it is even more acidic because of the presence of vinegar. This gets the cleaning job done. Moreover, it is way too cheaper than all the abrasive cleaning agents that flood the market. It is also an organic way to deal with cleaning.

Things might get messy; but it is worth the hard work. So, get to know more on some of the methods to use tomato ketchup in your home and garden.



Anything that is made out of copper looks very decorative and adds a vintage look. Cooking in copper cookware is healthy; but you might hesitate thinking about the maintenance. Tomato ketchup will get the job done. Just smear a layer of it onto the tarnished cookware and leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes.

Polish with a soft cotton cloth and rinse with warm water to reveal the shine. For stubborn stains, add a little bit of salt to the ketchup and do the same. It works for copper jewellery too.



Brass is used in furniture, example door handles, to showpieces and even cookware. In Indian households, lamps and idols made of brass can be found. It gets dirty overtime and forms dark patches, which demand a cleaning.

The acidic nature of tomato ketchup will help you out with this. It breaks down the dirt when poured on brass and given the proper time. Small objects can be dropped into a bowl of ketchup. Let it stay, wipe with a soft cloth, and rinse thoroughly.



You should actually go on a cleaning spree if your silver is not stored properly. When it comes in contact with air, it forms copper oxide, which gives it a dull look. Bring back the shine by immersing the object in a bowl of tomato ketchup for 5 to 10 minutes.

Be careful not to leave it longer, as the acids might damage the silver ware. If the object has lots of detailing, an old soft toothbrush can be used to work the ketchup around, else a soft cloth would do. Dip the silver in a bowl of warm water and dry to see it get back its glory.


Clean Up Burnt Food

Burnt food might ruin your utensils to an unimaginable extent. To get rid of the mess, pour a generous amount of tomato ketchup into the vessel. Put the burner on simmer for several minutes. Keep an eye on it, as the water in the ketchup must not evaporate. If you feel it is starting to get sticky, add in some more water. A better way - leave the ketchup in the pan overnight without cooking. As simple as that. The acetic acid will remove all the carbon.


Shine Your Car

Tomato ketchup does not work best for cars when it comes to removing the dirt. On the contrary, it enhances the look by giving it a beautiful lustre. So, it is best suggested to wash the car with soap and water the usual way at first. Later, use a soft cloth to rub on the ketchup and wash it off with plain water.



Is your heart sinking to see your garden furniture covered in rust? Tomato ketchup to the rescue! The acids in it create magic. It works not only on garden furniture but on any metal that is spoilt by rust. For thinner stains, the ketchup alone would do. Rub it onto the affected area and leave it on for some time, after which you have to wash it off and let it dry. For tougher stains, spray the area with a mixture of washing soda and water and then smear ketchup onto it.


Renew The Gardening Tools

Cutting tools used for gardening purposes must be maintained properly from time to time. There may be many ways of doing it; but the most efficient one is to use tomato ketchup. It can be squirted on to it and left as such overnight, following a slight rub all over. Wipe off the ketchup the next morning and you'll get brand new blades.


Remove Bad Odours From Dogs

Pet dogs tend to attract smells from the environment when taken for a walk. This happens because dogs eat faeces of other animals and this stench travels back home. Tomato ketchup is the best way out of it. Douse your pet in ketchup for around 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the intensity of the odour. Wash him thoroughly and use a dog shampoo if needed.

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