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Precautions To Take While Using Acid For Cleaning

By Ajanta Sen

Hydrochloric acid, also referred to as muriatic acid, is undoubtedly considered to be amongst the strongest and toughest cleaners that are available for any homeowner. Most people make use of phenols to keep the floors clean.

Surface cleaners are also used to keep many household items clean and shining. Hydrochloric acid is very strong, and it can cause a heavy damage if it is not used in a proper manner.

The acid helps in cleaning the tiles and many other household items and removes the stains that you thought were impossible to remove. But it is also important to take proper precautions or it may be very harmful.

If muriatic acid contacts the skin or the eyes by chance, serious injuries may be caused. Thus, extreme precaution should be taken and kids should also be kept away from the room or the place that is being cleaned. The fumes of hydrochloric acid can lead to breathing difficulties in some people as well.

Muriatic acid is hazardous and a very harsh cleaner. The experts suggest that hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid should be put to use as the last and extreme resort when the other cleaners have failed to do their work.

Tips To Remember

In order to remove the soap scum and the hard water deposits from the bathroom or kitchen tiles, or to clean stubborn stains, one part of muriatic acid has to be mixed with five or six parts of water.

The mixing should be done on an open roof, as the acid is very harsh. It is very important to follow all the warning signs and instructions that are given on the bottle of the acid.

Also, rubber gloves are a must. The mixture should be applied with the help of the nylon pads in a circular motion all over the floor or the object that you want to clean. There are a few things that you should be keeping in mind.

Ventilating The Area

It is important to keep the area ventilated. Exhaust fans if present should be turned on as well. Also, if required, fans should be placed around the entire room for ensuring a proper ventilation.

Necessary Precautions

Muriatic acid can cause extreme damage to the eyes or the skin if no precautions are taken. Thus, it is a must to use face masks, goggles and gloves.

Using Baking Soda

It is important to keep the container of the baking soda close to the area that you are cleaning. In case there is an acid spill, spreading baking soda is the best solution. Gardening lime or baking soda helps in neutralizing the spill.

Adding Water As Recommended By Manufacturers

It is very important to add only that amount of water, as it is recommended on the bottle of the acid. According to the instructions, one should add five parts of water to one part of the acid. But it can be more or less, depending on how strong the acid is.

Most acids are diluted to around thirty-one percent. It does not matter what the strength, the acid should always be diluted before using for your personal safety. You should be careful not to mix the water into the acid, or it can easily react and cause damage to the skin.

Way To Clean

A large area should not be targeted at first. Small areas should be targeted, so that the cleaning is conducted very nicely. You should be careful while cleaning and see that the acid mixture does not come on the skin or the clothing.

Also, the acid should not be allowed to stay in the area for a long time.
If these steps are kept in mind, then the cleaning will not only be fast but also hazard free.

Story first published: Monday, October 30, 2017, 16:45 [IST]
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