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Perfect Toilet Cleaning Tips You Must Know

By - Jaiwantika Dutta Dhupkar

A clean toilet is more than a luxury; it's a bare necessity, and it's also perfectly achievable; all it takes is some toilet cleaner, a good toilet brush, some disinfectant, the right inclination and some time off your holiday.

Even while you harbour the delusion that your beloved toilet is spanking clean, there are still zillions of little cracks and crevices where those little germs and bacteria set up residence with a vengeance.

They're on the toilet brush, under the rim of the toilet, behind the toilet itself and even on the toilet seat. Such unimaginable filth in a supposedly clean toilet; you can only imagine what a dirty toilet would be like.

Anyhow, there is nothing one can't fix here - and all it takes is some effort in the right direction.

Did you know that a toilet brush can harbour more filth than anything else in your bathroom? Simply because a few people do not take the trouble to clean their toilet brushes once they're through with scrubbing the pot, due to which the goo stays on the brush and therefore becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria.

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To counter this, dunk the toilet brush in a disinfectant or bleach overnight once you've finished cleaning. Voilà! You have a truly clean brush all ready for you to use the next time you want to clean the toilet.

Cleaning the back of the toilet, the part closest to the wall, is the toughest and requires some advanced gymnastic skills. To manage this trick, use a disinfectant spray instead of a wipe.

Also, mentioned below are a few other tips for cleaning the toilet right, read further to know more.


Spray some disinfectant and leave it on overnight, because the gunk is unusually stubborn and isn't easy to remove. Alternatively, you can soak wipes in a disinfectant or cleaning solution, hold one end of a wipe in either hand, wrap the wipe around the pot and towel it or floss it clean. Repeat till it shines with perfection, then buff with a dry cloth.

The toilet rim accumulates much goo under it, and is very difficult to clean. It's really easy to give the toilet rim the mandatory two shots of disinfectant, then believe you've done what's required and forget all about it; but the truth is that if the rim isn't cleaned well, it breeds bacteria and germs and they could be very, very harmful.


Find a brush that perfectly suits the requirements of your toilet rim. Pay special attention to the rim when you clean your toilet and use some extra elbow grease when you clean it.

Don't forget to use gloves, as this is a very intimate job. If it's still very tough to clean, go all out and use an old toothbrush to finish the work. Perfect toilet cleaning requires the perfect toilet cleaning kit, and having the right gear is a part of it.

White Vinegar

Pouring some white vinegar into your flush tank will not only leave your toilet smelling fresh with every flush, it will also take care of any hard-water deposits that may sit on your sanitary ware.

Vinegar is a great disinfectant and stain remover, and it's also 100% non-toxic, so you can flush it down your drains without a care. Pouring vinegar into your flush tank on a daily basis ensures you'll have fewer stains to deal with when you clean your toilet over the weekend. You can add some citronella or eucalyptus oil to the vinegar for a refreshing burst of fragrance every time you flush.

Flush Right

To really keep your toilet clean, it's important to flush right. Not just flush well, and ensure you've flushed everything down but flush correctly- to ensure nothing flies back up. Flush correctly with the lid down.

Did you know that toilets have a tendency to spray minute particles of fecal matter whenever you flush one? Researchers found minute particles of fecal matter on toothbrushes and couldn't understand where it had come from till they discovered that in each case the culprit was, in fact, the nearby pot that sprayed fecal matter every time it was flushed.

So, get working towards that clean toilet today! It's absolutely urgent.

Story first published: Saturday, July 29, 2017, 14:56 [IST]
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