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7 Tips On How To Get Chewing Gum Off Clothes Easily

By Pooja Kaushal

Got gum on your clothes? Yikes! That could be a disgusting and disappointing feeling. And if it is on one of your favourite dresses, it might even break your heart.

If you are a mother to children who end up having gum on their clothes time and again, there would be no end to your frustration. "How in the world do you get these sticky pesky things off clothes?"

How to get chewing gum off clothes easily is something many of us must have wanted to know. Discarding a piece of garment because of a gum stuck in one small area sounds highly absurd, doesn't it?

Gum has been around for many years now, and we have come up with solutions to get them off clothes too. So, here are some simple tried-and-tested tips on how to get chewing gum off clothes easily.

These are some of the simplest methods to remove chewing gum from clothes. You need not run around trying to look for fancy solutions or gadgets. Use the materials available at home and see how your garments come back to their pre-gum condition.

1. Freezer: This is probably one of the simplest tips on how to get chewing gum off clothes easily. Place your garment in a Ziploc bag with the gum side facing up. Make sure that the gum or garment does not come in contact with the bag. The idea is to keep the garment and gum dry and freeze the gum. Allow to freeze for a couple of hours. When the gum is frozen hard, it can be easily peeled off.

2. Hot Vinegar: We all have white vinegar in our kitchens, don't we? We either use it for cooking or cleaning. Removing gum from garments is yet another use it can be put to. Place vinegar in a bowl and microwave it for a minute. When the vinegar is hot, NOT boiling, dip the gum-stained area in the vinegar. Let it stay for a couple for minutes. The hot vinegar will break the gum, making it easy to be removed using a toothbrush.

3. Hot Ironing: Yet another hot treatment for annoying gum - hot ironing. Place a cardboard on your ironing board. Lay the garment gum side down on the cardboard and cover it with a handkerchief or another piece of cloth. Run a hot iron over the gum area. The gum will get hot, melt and stick to the cardboard. This might take a couple of rounds to get a clean garment.

4. Laundry Soap: Drop laundry soap over the gum-stained area, and using a toothbrush, work it into the gum. Let it sit for about half an hour. The gum will loosen up and come off easily by further brushing.

5. Hair Spray: If you have a hair spray handy, getting gum off clothes could be really easy and quick. Spray the gum-affected area with hair spray. The spray will instantly cool the gum and harden it. This will help peel it off easily. If it does not go in one round, repeat till all the gum is extracted.

6. Hair Dryer: The hot air from the hair dryer will heat up the gum and loosen it. Blow warm air onto the gum to heat it. Be careful to not heat it too much or else you may damage your garment. You need to be careful with your hands too. Using this method means heating the gum. In the process, the gum may turn really hot and burn your finger. Wear some protective gear on the hands or use a blunt knife to pull off the gum.

7. Ice Packs: You may not always have a freezer or the freezer may not have enough space to place a garment in a bag. In such a condition, how do you get chewing gum off clothes easily? Well, you could use an ice pack method. Place the gum-stained area in between two layers of plastic. Apply an ice pack on the gum region. Here, we are once again trying to freeze or at least trying to cool the gum so much that it becomes hard. Once hardened, it can be easily peeled off.

Tips on how to get chewing gum off clothes easily also involve sprays like WD-40. This too is an effective method where you spray the region with WD-40, allow it to sit for some time and brush it off. Once the gum has been removed, wash as usual. WD-40 can leave behind a smell, which can be eliminated by rinsing the clothes in vinegar.

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Story first published: Monday, October 17, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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