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Taking Care Of Wood In Winter

By Debdatta Mazumder

Do you have wooden interior in your home? Then, you need proper tips of taking care of wood in winter.
Actually, wooden furniture needs special care in every season. Summer care tips are different from winter. Again, you should be careful to keep your wooden furniture in a good condition during the rainy season.

Wooden objects in your home add sophistication to your interior decoration. Expert interior decorators also suggest having wooden objects like a dining table or wooden-carved doors.

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But, they also suggest taking a good care of those. So, what are the ways to take care of wood in winter?
If you want simple tips for taking care of wood in winter, you should keep those dust free. Winter is the time when you get irritated with dust particles. Regular dusting and wiping are important to maintain the shine.

Again, you can't apply the same ways to take care of wood in winter for wooden furniture and wooden floors.

To keep your wooden floor shining and clean, use the best-quality floor cleaner. Also, avoid walking on the floors wearing the shoe you use for outdoor purposes.

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Taking care of wood in winter can be quite tricky. However, with these simple ways to take care of wood in winter, you can keep your furniture and floor looking clean and nice at all times.

Have a look at some of the essential tips below.

Dust Regularly: If you don't dust wooden furniture daily during winter, dust particles will pile up and cause a scratch on it. Always use a soft and lint-free cloth to wipe the furniture. Never use anything that contains silicon, as it can damage the wood.

Use Branded Floor Cleaners: Buy a branded floor cleaner and check the label before use to make sure if it is only to be used for wooden floors. Use it at least thrice in a week to get rid of the grime, dirt and scratches on your floor. Poor-quality products can hamper the polish of the wood. Hence, avoid those.

Go For Oak Furniture: If you're fascinated about garden furniture, go for oak. This type of wood requires the least maintenance, and you don't need to use any chemicals or oils to maintain it. Just dust and wipe out the grime and you're done.

Mayonnaise Can Help: You know watermarks on wooden tables are too stubborn to be removed, isn't it? Seek help to mayonnaise instead. Take the required amount and rub it on the rings of watermarks. You will definitely get rid of those.

Maintain The Shine: If you do this one during winter, the shine will last for 6-7 months. Take carnauba wax and polish your wooden furniture with it. Use lint-free cloth for polishing. It may take some time but it sure relieves you from the stress of taking care of wood in winter.

Place Those Perfectly: During winter, you should avoid the furniture from the fluctuation of temperature. It means, never place wooden furniture in front of any heat register. The fluctuation from cold to hot can cause splitting and warping of wood.

Check Out The Humidity Level: Taking care of wood in winter also includes this one effective tip. Maintain the room's humidity between 40% and 45%. Lower humidity than this level can cause cracks on the wood, whereas higher humidity can result in the swelling of wood.

Story first published: Friday, June 24, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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