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Steps To Wash Dishes With Hand: 5 Things To Keep In Mind


Dishwashers have become a major trend nowadays and most people are opting for it, as it serves a better purpose when compared to hand-washing the dishes. However, with all its advantages, which is a blessing, a dishwasher is rather an expensive appliance to own for a common man. Therefore, washing the dishes by hand is the only option that seems to be the best.

To wash the dishes with your hands, one should first own a good pair of rubber gloves as the detergent can affect the palms of your hands, leading to skin infections. Moreover, to wash dishes with the hand, using a good scrubber to remove the dirt and grime from the utensils is important.

While washing microwave utensils, it is best to use a soft scrubber, as it will not scratch the utensils. The other thing to remember is to air the utensils after they have been washed. Storing them in a cool dry place and allowing them to dry on their own will prevent moisture and fungus from growing on your good crockery.

Likewise, here are some of the best and easy steps to wash the dishes with your hands. Why don't you take a look at these simple cleaning tips:

Get Your Materials Ready: Before you begin to wash your utensils, it is important to keep the dishes ready in the sink. Alongside, you should keep your dishwasher equipment ready, that is, the detergent, rubber gloves, dish washer cloth and a scrubber.

Wash The Delicates First: Before you wash the heavy utensils, finish the light and delicate utensils like spoons, forks and glassware first. This is an important step, since these items will not have too much of oil residues on the scrubber.

Washing The Tough Dishes: The number one rule to wash dishes with hands, especially the ones that are stained and contain oil, is to allow them to soak in soap and hot water for at least 15 minutes before rinsing them clean with water. This soaking will help to remove the oil from the utensils and allow them to sparkle when done.

Rinsing The Dishes: Once all the dishes are washed in soapy water, give them a quick rinse before you dry them. This will help to give a perfect shine to your utensils and will also ward off any nasty smell.

Air Drying The Utensils: It is best to air dry the utensils on a dish rack instead of wiping them dry with a cloth. Health experts advise to refrain dish cloths, as they harbour germs and bacteria that can make you sick causing stomach infections.

Therfore, these are some of the best and easy steps to wash dishes with your hands.