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6 Brilliant Tips To Keep A Dust Free House


Dust contains moulds, fibres, dander from your pets, as well as tiny dust mites that can damage everything in your humble abode. These mites, if not driven away, can thrive in your house if it is too warm and humid.

To a large extent, you can eliminate dust from your house in the most simple ways possible. With the help of these tips mentioned below, we assure you that the dust in your home will reduce to more than a 50 per cent.

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Although you spend an endless amount of hours in cleaning your home and keeping it free from dust, there is always that open window or a door to draw in the dust into the house.

While cleaning your home from the dust, it is necessary to cover your mouth and nose with a soft linen cloth or a mask.

This will prevent the dust from entering your mouth and causing health issues like an allergic cold and cough.

Now, you must be wondering how to get rid of the fine dust sitting sweetly on the centre table, kitchen counter and on your sofas, right?

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Well, if you keep reading below, you will soon find a solution to your problem. Boldsky shares with you some of the perfect and most brilliant tips to keep a home dust free, take a look and start your cleaning right away:

Less Furniture: Begin by giving the room a complete makeover, Scrub the floors and remove any dust you see. Re-arrange the furniture and, if possible, get rid of the furniture you don't use. In this way, the room will look spacious and will avoid the accumulation of dust too.

Avoid Carpets: You must know that due to the fibre on the carpet, dust finds its way through. If you want to have a dust-free home, you should either get rid of the carpet or simply clean the carpet every day with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Clean The Closets: When you have an opened closet, it is bound to collect dust particles. Even cabinets too will contain certain amount of dust if not cleaned regularly. The best way to keep a dust-free closet is to store all your clothes in a zipped bag.

Know Where To Store Your Shoes: Your shoes are the main sources of bringing dust into a home. To avoid this problem, you can always purchase a shoe rack and store your shoes in it, outside of your home. In this way, you can prevent your shoes from bringing in all sorts of germs into the house.

Wash The Curtains & Linen:If you keep the room well ventilated, there is every chance of you getting rid of dust. You should also make it a habit to wash and rinse the curtains and the linen in your home, at least once in two months. Curtains collect a lot of dust, especially if they cover a window or a door.

Avoid Stuffed Toys:Children can't seem to do without a stuffed animal in their hand. If your child's room is filled with stuffed toys, make it a point to wash them every week, as the fabric of stuffed toys attracts fine dust, which can be harmful to your child.