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How To Keep The Floor Tiles Shining?

By Ajanta Sen

We all want to have a clean and disinfected home; however, have you ever thought that without having sparkling floors, your home can look dull no matter how well you decorate the other portions of the house.

The floor tiles are in almost all of the rooms of your house. From your living room to the bathroom to the kitchen and even in your laundry room, you have floor tiles.

These floor tiles start losing their lustre after some time due to the daily wear and tear, dirt and stains that get accumulated. Dirty floor tiles make the entire room look dull and unlikable.

Dirty and dull floors can't be ignored; and you must take out some time from your busy routine to look after them, so that they start glowing again.

There are numerous tips for shining floor tiles; however, if you don't know how to keep the floor tiles shining, this is the perfect article you must read that will guide you thoroughly.

Commercial products are easily available in the market, but you may not be able to decide on which ones will be the best for your floor tiles.

Moreover, the commercial cleaning products are quite expensive and have harsh chemicals that can make your floor tiles get discoloured due to the product build-up.

Hence, the best way to clean your floor tiles is to use certain natural ingredients that are easily available in your home. Have a look at which are the natural remedies to keep the floor tiles clean.


Take a pail of hot water and add about 1/4th cup of ammonia to it. Then, take a mop and soak it in this solution and thereafter squeeze out the extra water.

Wipe up your floor tiles to make it germ free. If your floor tiles have yellow stains on them, then ammonia is the best solution to bring back the original shine of your floor tiles. This is one of the numerous tips for shining floor tiles.

Borax, Vinegar & Ammonia

If you floor tiles have dirt buildup or harsh soap froth, then the best solution is to wipe them up with a solution that consists of 1/4th cup of borax, half cup of vinegar and half cup of ammonia.

Add all these ingredients to one gallon of hot water bucket and mix it well. Mop your floor tiles with this solution and thereafter rinse the floor to remove any remaining residues. This is quite an effective way to keep the floor tiles shining.


Take a pail of one gallon of hot water and mix one part of water along with one part of white distilled vinegar. Mix the solution well, so that the vinegar gets blended into the water nicely.

The vinegar will help to sanitize your floor tiles and also make them fragrant. Mop your floor tiles with this diluted vinegar solution by continuously squeezing out the extra liquid to avert saturating the floor tiles.

Baking Soda

If your floor tiles have harsh grout stains, then baking soda is the best solution to clean it. One of the best tips for shining floor tiles is to take an equal ratio of hot water and baking soda and mix them to make a thick paste.

Now, take a toothbrush, dip it into the baking soda paste and then brush it on the tiles and grout. Leave this paste on your floor tiles for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with hot water. Repeat this method until you get completely stain-free floor tiles.

Water & Hydrogen Peroxide

If you have ceramic floor tiles with tough grout stains, then make a solution with an equal amount of water and hydrogen peroxide. Keep this solution in a spray bottle and spray it evenly over your grimy grout, leave the solution for about 30 minutes. Repeat the process if required.

Wooden Floor Cleaner

If you have wooden floor tiles, then a wooden floor cleaner would be one of the most effective tips for shining your floor tiles. Mop your wood floor tiles with a wooden floor cleaner to bring back the lost lustre.

Dish-washing Soap

Take a small amount of dish-washing soap and add it to a bucket of water to clean your greasy ceramic floor tiles. After you have mopped the floor with this solution, wipe your floor tiles with a gentle sponge to make them glow.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 20:00 [IST]